Friday, May 1

while we are young

I have this special place in my heart for children and small furniture. Tessa has a small chair, Aliss has a small wicker chair (hauled back from a yard sale in Alaska), Hannah has a small rocking chair and now Sophie has her own chair.
hmmmm... seems Zack didn't get a chair, I don't think he wanted one.

Along with loving children and small furniture I also love to pass on needed buying something for really cheap at a thrift store and making it shine again.

I like living the lifestyle that allows them to develop these skills and that we keep trying while making mistakes. That is what life is all about.

woohoo....seems my kids already have this in their genes.
I didn't have to show Sophie anything...she laid out the paper, got the brushes and paint and got busy!

A beautiful job....and even more than that, every time she looks at that chair she feels proud. I told her that if she were to buy that chair finished at a furniture store it would be too much for her to afford because it is an antique but now she has it and she made it beautiful!

P.S. It's May Day.
We plan on taking flowers to some doorsteps today...possibly handmade ones out of tissue paper and chenille stems.

Here are some May Day flowers just for you.
Happy May Day to you!


Tessa said...

Thanks for the flowers! ♥

melissa said...

ooh- lovely flowers- thank you.
happy may day! i love your little furniture. :)

Jackie Collins said...

ooooooo.....I am so happy to see the blooms beginning......happy May Day to all of you. I would definately leave some on the door handle and run and hide IF I could be there instead of here. :( love to all.....Mom (Noodle)

Jackie Collins said...

Miss such a great and gifted person....I hope you get to have many hours of happiness in your newly painted chair.......hugs to you..Noodle