Wednesday, April 29

Pure Bliss

when I can escape from the world outside my home's walls and set my mind totally on my children and my responsibilities to take care of them...solely them, I find myself in a very good place.

Even when it includes chores and things like scrubbing garbage cans and toilets. I still find bliss. You know, the feeling when everything else slips away and it is only you and what is happening in that moment?

Life can draw us away from the simple things that matter in the life of a child and our life too, but if we stop and listen we can regain it as quick as a snap...

being present::

*listening to my youngest child read to me from her reader all snuggled up together on the couch. watching her face so intent on the words and as she gets them that same face turning to me with the brightest smile.

*petting the best cats on earth...very slowly to maximize the purr.

*stepping out on the back deck into a night world full of damp air and twinkly night sky.

*pulling hot clothes straight from the dryer and folding them....ahhhhh.

*smelling sweet children as they get done bathing before bed.

*cooking spaghetti for 5 houseful.

*talking on the phone with a loved one.

*sitting in my fat chair by the woodstove and watching all that is going on in this home.

*waiting til all of the kids have gone to bed and scrubbing a dirty kitchen floor with hot, hot water and murphys oil soap. Satisfaction.

What is giving you bliss today?


Jackie Collins said...

Reading the things that give bliss to my daughter........making a "trip" in my mind to sit by the woodstove with her or... on the front porch in the sun or.....very soon-under the Japenese cherry tree with lots of beautiful blossoms to make pink snow....thanks for the bliss sharing..Mom

lissilulu said...

I love you Mama :o)

You are *totally* here with me....I won't expect you to do the chores though. :o)

Tessa said...

Lovely post! Playing with my puppy, cutting into a fresh loaf of newly baked bread, listening to a cd long forgotten, drawing and its quiet concentration... :)

The Milkshake said...

Popping bubble wrap, seeing the sun shining, smelling soup cooking,
what a nice day :)

Kymali said...

Ah, yes...those are blissful moments. I like when I am the first to wake, and the house is quiet and the day is new. I love watching my kids sleep, and the dogs! Working in my garden brings me back to bliss when I have stress.

Great blog.

Kelly Hogaboom said...

I love petting my cats so much too! I swear it just makes love radiate in the house.