Thursday, February 26


My favorite sweater that I had just gotten from the thrift store ended up with a snag after just a few weeks. It has sat and sat in the mending pile because I just couldn't get rid of it and I couldn't bear to cut it up for some other project.
UNTIL...Amy over at Angry Chicken got me revved up about giving sweaters new life. She even got the fur accent going on with her sweater.

The aforementioned snag was across the back, it was at least 4 inches long and there was no way to pull it back through. So I found a cover up in my stash; satin ribbon and embroidery floss.For the past two nights while snuggled in bed, right after reading to the little girls I embroidered a row on the ribbon. It wasn't hard work just me getting too tired at the end of a full day adn not being able to stay up as long as I used to. hmmm...

I like how the two rows look instead of one row along the middle of the ribbon.
Now I get to keep my sweater and feel satisfied that I can say I actually have embroidered lately...if you can call this embroidering. :o)

P.S. Aliss and I share the necklace.


Wednesday, February 25

against our will...

We were going to a friend's house for Bible study last night but my sweet friend ended up being sick. We were forced to eat the homemade pumpkin pie Tes made (you know; so it wouldn't spoil)...
and of course it had to have vanilla ice cream to be complete.

Poor us.


Monday, February 23

February is:: Reading

February is such a fickle month and just when we think we are settled into some warm spring weather we get more rain.
It's a good thing we love to read around here to pass some time....kitties love it too.

Sunday, February 22

February is:: A new banner

Yay! I finally got myself a cheerful banner just in time to welcome in Spring. Spring do you here that? It's time to come now.

I have been doing a bit of dusting and sweeping on here and when I was tidying up the sidebar I was thinking about the meaning of lissilulu again.

a state of mind; celebrating the everyday....then I looked in my new banner under the Rhododendron you see her?
There is a little red hen hiding under there...a little something special in the everyday.

a lissilulu moment for sure.

Hoping you find a little lissilulu in your day today!
Lori xo
February is:: Delivered flowers

Remembering my first flower delivery from one of my children.

Tessa has a part-part time job working with her grandmother in a property management office and used some of her hard earned money to buy her mama some *delivered* flowers.

all's right in the world....

Friday, February 20

Community involvement

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
I thought this walk was only local to us but at the website I found out that it is a nationwide thing. The website is so full of information about it nationwide.

I am so excited to be getting involved and my children will be there too.
We are raising sponsor money for our participation in the walk--all proceeds will go toward the Beyond Survival Resource Center which provides:
*24 hour crisis hotline
*assault prevention & intervention
*school age programs
*individual therapy
*support groups
*legal advocacy
*school-age programs
*medical advocacy

If you would like to be a part of helping this organization out you can email me for information on how to sponsor my family in the walk; even amounts as small as $5 would be helpful.
*email address is at the top right column

End of public service announcement and thank you for your time.

Lori & Kids xo

Wednesday, February 18

February is:: Being Outside

*walks along a new gravel path beside the river on sunny days with my kids

*chopping wood to last until spring comes more often

*watching robin redbreast in our yard popping around for worms

*dreaming about planting grass seed where the grass has worn in a path to mud from my kids and neighborhood friends having fun racing around

Tuesday, February 17

February is:: Playing in the woods

Some blogs took the beginning of February to remember things they like about this month. I seemed too busy to even post much about anything at all--but am back now. I am going to join in the remembering good things about February from now until the end of the month.

February is::
visiting family friends and running like deer while playing capture the flag through the damp woods. feeling so tired out you can't move and a half hour later wanting to do it all over again.

She did a good job guarding her team's flag didn't she? :o)

Monday, February 16

the look of love...

a yummy italian casserole, desert and martinelli's drink made for my family by my two teens
cookies for my family and cookies to give away to family & friends
Sophie and Hannah's handiwork with newspapers and scissors
the look of love...

Thursday, February 5

jr high boys...

When I think of Jr. High ages boys I think of young roosters. Trying to show everyone that they are tough and make a lot of commotion. I sure love my little rooster.
We were given a hoop years has sat out in the back of the driveway for at least three years. This past week the boys rolled it down to the other end of our property (street corner) to be able to have some quality time on the *courts*.
It has been working out quite well and even some of the neighbors have used it.

I like it when something that simple works so well.
Lori xo

Tuesday, February 3


Tessa (my girl) from The Milkshake is having a give away for this so sweet hanging heart. I think it looks like a frosted Valentine Cookie. :o)
Head on over to The Milkshake to find out how to enter.

Lori xo

Monday, February 2

sounds & smells

Right now::

*silverware clinking while Aliss does dinner dishes
*Hannah and Sophie chatting at the diningroom table
*the fan whirring behind the woodstove blowing warm air around our home
*Zack and his friends outside on the street corner bouncing the basketball to shoot hoops
*keyboard tap, tap, tapping away as I sit here and chat with you and check my online part of college classes
*cockatiels tweeting to make sure everyone knows they are there

*bazooka bubblegums sweet smell as I blow bubbles while typing
*remainder waftings of cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham that we had for dinner floating through the house
*Tessa's freshly shampooed hair as she checks on what I am doing (more accurately, wants back on here)

There is some peace with the sounds & smells of the end of the day and knowing bedtime is close...we made it through another day, we are warm & dry, fed and know we are loved.

Lori xo

Sunday, February 1

thought I would share a little West Coast winter sunset with you...
Hope your weekend was a good one and you are ready for the new week.

His mercies are new every morning! :o)

Lori xo