Thursday, May 21

seed + soil

We finally got our seed in the ground, and right in our backyard. many families are joining forces and have made a community garden and I think that is wonderful but I know myself well enough to know that if I can't get out there in my pajamas in the early morning to weed and water or to just sit in the dusk and stare at what is to come in our plot of land then I just won't do it.
Too much time and preparation when it is outside the place we call home.

We have two rabbits and the kids made sure to get some of the bunnies gold (rabbit poo) to spread in their gardens. The kids remember the experiment I did last summer with two planters and one had rabbit poo and one didn't. Guess which one flourished? :o)

We left a patch of grass for little picnics right next to the corner where Hannah and Sophie will have a green bean teepee. We are so excited!

Have a great weekend

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