Monday, May 4

work + play

This weekend we sure were busy. All of a sudden the AWANA Grand Prix was upon us...literally, we had two days notice. phew...the kids draw the shape on their block of wood and their Dad comes over to pick up the wood and cuts them for them.
Then the painting and putting on of the wheels.

Work/Play:: This year Zack was part of the pit crew. He got to pull the pin to let the cars roll.

Work/Play:: We also set up, served and tore down the concession stand for the Grand Prix. Several years ago I started doing this and now the kids can do it all themselves with me being their helper.

Work:: Andy came over and cleaned our stove pipe for us. Woodstoves need periodical maintenance to keep them running smoothly.
What a cutie pie of a chimney sweeps assistant! The local fire department let us borrow the brushes. Very nice of them.
Grown Up Play:: Startings of some embroidery. I am making some cute stuff to celebrate our Japanese Cherry Tree that will go in my shop sometime this week. I will let you know here first!
Creative Play:: Sophie made some excellent tissue paper flowers to hand out to a few neighbors on this block for May Day.
Physical Play:: The kids swinging in the back yard in the night air.

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