Monday, May 11

community + family

My Human Services Club at the college had a fundraiser potluck on Friday night for us and our friends to come eat and buy raffle tickets. We are raising money to benefit the local Teen Shelter.
I say it once again, I am glad that being a part of the degree that I am earning has me in the path of lots of great community agencies so my family can be a part of helping.There was so much great food there. We brought a big pan of chicken enchilada's...they were quickly gobbled up. yay!I also made a book bag for the raffle to help raise money. I used fabrics from the furniture showroom.

I have been sewing every spare minute I have lately. I'm so glad the ideas are flowing again. There was quite a dry spell for awhile with other responsibilities of life crowding them out. Welcome back sewing! I should have a shop update within the next couple of days.Look at this huge pancake Sophie made on the griddle the other morning.
What a girl :o)

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