Wednesday, December 13

I love this pillow but hate the picture of it! LOL!
The gold accent fabric is really small checks of two tone gold fabric.
The tassles are so much fun in that golden green color and white.

I stuffed it with the fiber fill that is prespun little balls so it fluffs back up....feels so yummy!
This was one of the very first bags I made! This bag lives at a DaySpa waiting for just the right gal to come along and snap it up for her very own. LOL!

The blue in this is a greyish blue and the brown leather reminds me of a saddle the way it feels all warm and broken in to the touch.

I just started using magnetic snaps when I made this bag...they work so nice and look more finished.
This is a custom design briefcase (portable office) that I made for a woman who works at a Day Spa.
It has the greatest taupe fabric for the background with paisley designs on it.
The color combo she picked was so much fun with deep purple, brick red and black.
This style of bag has two magnetic snaps and two outer leather pockets.
Some people have said it would be great for a laptop and the outside can be for paper, pens and cell phone.
Great idea!!

I made this also in gold and black for the owner of the dayspa that this one was custom ordered from.
Both are soooooo cute and very unique.

Sunday, June 4

Very productive week coming up...

I have two parties coming up this week!
One is my sons teacher is hosting one in her classroom after school for the faculty of his school and another one is a dear friend from church.
I am really excited! At the moment I am 75% done with *7* new handbags...woohoo!!

Friday, May 26

Designing more bags....

The last couple of days I have been having fun designing more bags. I haven't noticed until that last party I had how low the bags were getting.
Now I have one that is creme background with sage green and eggplant for the band around the top.
Another is a white one with beautiful quilting on it that has yellow flowers and sage leaves that will have sage trim and yellow beads.
Another is cornflower blue and taupe with taupe trim and the handles are taupe with cornflower blue little dainty diamonds on them.
All of these have been so much fun to make I cant wait to go through the fabrics to see what else I can make. :o)

Wednesday, May 24

Making progress!

Yesterday I finished up three *smile* bags. These get bought up at each party. They are a cream colored small tote bag for a little girl with a smile face with hair painted on it. I put trim around the top and a ribbon bow in her hair. People love them! :o)
Today I designed and sewed up the outside body of two purses.
Tomorrow I will desing and sew up the outside of another two purses.
I am sewing up the outsides right now because I need to go across town for the material to make the lining of the purses.

Tuesday, May 23

Business growing well!

The business is growing well. I would like to be selling more then I think "hmmm...then I would need to be working more" and right now I dont have the time to dedicate to that.
this past week I made two throw pillows that were so fun and two purses also.
Last night I dolled up my kitchen window with a window treatment that is sooo perfect.
My oldest daughter said it looks like it is out of a magazine...I think so too. :o)
The lime green dress is sold and being shipped out to a dear friend for her little girl.
Now on to make another dress in that style but different colors...I need to make one of my Hannah style dresses also...oh, I have so many things I want to make.
Right now I need to build up my collection for a party coming up.

Tuesday, May 16


I had a Lissilulu party booked for a lunch hour in a orthopedics office.
The office gals wandered through at different was a great success.
I am now working on custom orders of a purse and two pillows.
I am also working on a purse for my youngest brothers girlfriend who we adore.
I just sent out my moms purse...she will be advertising for me in Alaska. :o)

Monday, May 8

*Sophie* dress

This is my youngest daughter modeling a style of dress called *Sophie* that we custom make for you at Lissilulu (undershirt not included). There is a cute pocket in a heart shape out of brown leather that is hidden by her hand. This dress is made of all upholstery grade, decorator fabrics. It has trim across the bodice in a sage green feathery light trim with small dangly sage green beads and three circle clear green beads also. Very cute! The back closure is hook and eye.
If you are interested in ordering one of these distinctive dresses in your little beauty's three favorite colors please email for more details. In my current collection there is this exact dress in lime green, periwinkle blue and cranberry-size 4T.
Picture of the lime green dress coming soon!

got the website up and coming

We are building the website!!
yea....this is a long awaited arrival.

Sunday, May 7

Dreaming of a webpage

My oldest daughter and I are looking into a website for
We dont know much so this is a very big learning experience.
I have been emailing different boutiques I find on the web that look like the style that would carry my handbags.
This week we will look into a great backdrop to take digital pics of some of the bags.
And also this week I am making a custom order purse for a client and sending one out that is finished. yippee!!

Friday, May 5


Hi everyone! Welcome to Lissilulu!
Thanks for stopping by...we will have pictures up soon of some of the
Lissilulu Collection for you to see.
I am sure you will love looking through things to color your world.
We carry tapestry handbags, teapot cozies, beautiful pillows, eclectic purses....all one of a kind just like you!
Stop back... bye!