Wednesday, November 17

Lissilulu has moved

Hello friends!
I have been trying to access my blog here, but couldn't get in for the longest time.
We have had a major change in our life.

We have moved to a farm! With the move came many changes in our lives and some new directions added for my sharing with you.
I now share about rural life and animals along with all of the sorts of family life that I have shared in the past here at Lissilulu.

While it is exciting to start a new chapter, it is also sad to lay one to rest. SOOO..I have decided to leave Lissilulu right here, BUT point you in the direction of my new blog too :o)

Come visit us at our new home:
Melbourne Road

You will have a teensy bit of catch up in reading. So settle in with a hot cup of something of your choice and see what we have been up to.

So glad to have finally gotten this thing unlocked to invite you over to our new home!

Tuesday, August 25

summer can you stay a little longer?

Summer quarter ended this past week so now I get summer for 4 weeks. Since I start college on Sept. 21st, I also bumped the kids back to start their homeschool at the end of September too, instead of the 9th like the public schools are doing this year.

My photographer Tessa has been so busy that she hasn't uploaded the pictures that I have taken to blog with so I am going to just try my best to tell you about them.
bare with me :o)

Remember the photos of our garden being planted? that space looked so bare. Now we have cucumbers, peas, beans, a humongous sunflower (Sophie's pride and joy), corn, tomatoes still ripening (over 12 plants-geesh!), and flowers. It looks like a jungle. We made it look like a victory garden with the diamond garden in the middle and a path around it. Two of the paths have disappeared because of overgrown tomato plants. I have started pinching off the new flowers on the tomato plants to direct the growing and ripening of the already numerous small tomatoes on the plants. Is that right? Anyone grow tomatoes?

We had exhibits in the county fair. To be honest we didn't make our exhibits specifically for the fair but since we are a busy family for the sake of sanity I went around and collected things that the girls and I have made. I put them in my giant orange bag and took them up there to see if they fit into a category. They all did! Hannah, Sophie and Aliss all got 1st and 2nd places in their divisions, Hannah got a 1st place in the overall division with a ribbon that has a huge rosette and 5$ of McDonalds money (that she shared with her sister-what a sweetie!). Tessa took her photos up too. She did really well and got 3rd overall from the huge rosettes too! I am so proud of my girls.

Zackery has gotten bikes given to him by a friend of his dads. He has learned how to take the parts off and reuse them on his bikes or on his friends bikes. One thing he has learned though is that boys flock to the shop that has parts like bees to honey. He is growing so fast into a young man. I am glad that he has the opportunity to build bikes even with his dad not here to show him. I was a little concerned about him being able to work on things. I really should stop worrying about these things because God shows me time and time again that He has everything under control.

The cats all are looking well except two days ago I noticed them starting small sneezes again. I try and shoo the cats outside during the day for the open spaces away from each other and fresh air. I am also still dosing them with L-lysine and Colloidal Silver. Man I hope this stuff goes away for good and soon!

Zack and I are driving an hours distance away today for our deposition from the accident 3 years ago.

Fall is in the air. Walking home from a neighbors house the other night around 8pm the air was sorta damp and clear. All of a sudden I thought kids should be getting ready for bed and school will be starting soon. There is a tree along the river that already has branches with yellow leaves on it and I think I heard a few of the Canadian Geese that stop over here along the river flying overhead the other night too.

4 more weeks summer...4 more weeks....pretty please? :o)

Wednesday, August 12

What do these things have in common?

For the past two weeks I have had quite the succession of very sick cats. We love our kitties dearly and it seems that when we volunteered to foster/tame feral kittens this summer we put our own pets in a very dangerous situation that most of them are fighting their way out of.

Colloidal silver
organic chicken broth

Dosing 9 cats 2 times daily with antibiotics, l-lysine water (blended up tablets in my osterizer with water), colloidal silver in water to drink and using Zack's nebulizer machine to mist watered down colloidal silver in a cat carrier so they can breathe.

Ask me how much fun I have been having? Well, maybe ask me next week.

Be back soon,

Monday, July 27

Summer goodnes part 3:: Washing babydoll clothes

I guess the babydolls have been getting a tad dirty making mud pies again...
Tessa and Aliss used to wash their babydoll's clothes each spring in the same big bowl that Hannah used.

Some things change and some things stay the same. I think when my granddaughters start coming over in years to come I will supply them with a clothes line, pins and the same bowl their (future) mamas used and they can wash baby clothes too!

Wednesday, July 22

Summer goodness part 1

we are finally enjoying some of our garden's bounty

Wednesday, July 8

Mom leaves back to Alaska tomorrow. This will be especially difficult for me as I only get to see her once a year.

I will miss you Mom.

Monday, July 6

The Perks

My mom is one of The Best cooks I know.

While she is here I am taking full advantage of that perk.
Strawberry, Rhubarb, Custard Pie.....

You would too, wouldn't ya?

Tuesday, June 30

Mama of a Graduate

Bubbly Apple Cider for the toast of a great future!
The Dad, The Grad & The Mama

photos Tessa has taken

special friends help pass out cake
My Mama came down from Alaska.

So many thoughts and memories to not forget of this special time period. My first child has now graduated and is talking about starting on an Associates in Art Degree this fall or winter. So many friends and relatives came to celebrate Tessa with us. I'm so glad they did so Tessa can see how many people support her.