Sunday, November 30

Isn't She Lovely?...

Look what a big white truck brought me. My Mama and Everett bought her for me. Yes, you read that right. Her name is Priscilla.Prissy for short because she has decided she isn't going to run for me until trained professionals come to see her.
But that's okay...for now.
I have her number...she will be my slave girl soon. BWAHAHAHA!

Oh the happy dance was danced and danced. We shall be able to walk into our kitchen and feel like baking again for the lack of dirty dishes mocking us.

Thank you Mom and Everett...many, many times over.
Lori xo

Thursday, November 27

Black Friday, Saturday & Sunday ...and Monday...

With this being my first chance to really offer a Thanksgiving Weekend Sale
(because I actually have a shop with lovely things in it this year)
I have been reducing prices over at my shop for your shopping pleasure.
Almost every item has been reduced by $10 each! Pop on over and take a peek.


shop sale
**Through Monday**

Zip purse...Sugar Cookie
Imogene Dress in Grey...size 6...Ready To Ship
Handbag...Iced Gingerbread  Cookie ...
Giddy Up Set.....Purple.... size 7-8...Ready to Ship
Sweet Duckie Hanging Nursery Pillow embroidered by Hannah age 9
Red flower purse designed and sewn by Sophie Age 6
Blue Tree Skirt..size 5/6...ready to ship
Happy Hippo Skirt...size 4-5...Ready to Ship

*from all of us working from our homes creating things with our hands--
Thank you for shopping Handmade. xo

Wednesday, November 26


I have so many things to be thankful for but I am going to list a few that outweigh the others.

*my children...I know, I know, many moms say "my children". What makes mine stand out? Well, let me answer that; my kids have faced much adversity this past two - three years (divorce and many chiropractic and physical therapy appointments in the same time-frame as the divorce) and aren't depressed and angry. Yes, I know that many kids face divorce and I am in no way trying to downplay babies went from a two parent homeschooling-mom- at- home- all- day family to a solo mama trying to hang onto homeschooling-going to college and making every dollar count.

*My God...because of all of the above stuff He has been able to help me to see Him more clearly in so many, many ways. We wouldn't be the same without His constant care.

*My extended family and friends...some offer a shoulder, some offer money when I don't even let them know there is a need. All of them love us in different ways.

This Thanksgiving all of my children will be with me. This is something that I took for granted in the past...not anymore. I am so thankful it's my year to have them and will so enjoy seeing them sitting at our family table for our Thanksgiving Meal. Being able to tell them before the meal how very thankful that God gave them in particular to me and how thankful I am that each one of them made me a Mama.

Okay, enough gushing? Yes.

Our Menu--
turkey with stuffing
ham cut crisscross (like my mama taught me) with brown sugar and pineapple topping
wheat rolls
fresh green beans (snapped by Soph and Han) sauteed in butter and garlic
mashed potatoes
black olives
deviled eggs ( full dozen because these guys are chow hounds when it comes to deviled eggs)
scalloped corn casserole (originally from my Dad's family-he gave me the recipe...mmmm)

fresh fruit salad-made by Sophie
pumpkin pie-Hannah's first pie to make
pumpkin cheesecake-made by Tessa
banana cream pie-made by Aliss with my mom's recipe

We will be eating as a family then taking a plate to a man from our church and then on to one of my closest friends for dessert.

Hoping you are surrounded by those you love and yummy food!

Monday, November 24


As I was bundling up a couple orders today I tried out a new idea for some personalized hanging tags for the outside of my packages when they get all wrapped up for the new owner.My mom sent me this linen paper awhile ago and I have used it for various uses since but I think this is the best yet. I had fun rummaging through my button bin and finding all of the small ones that hardly ever get used and gluing them on the bottom of these tags....look kinda like candy huh?I think these tags would look so cute on Christmas Gifts too.
A few of the latest pretties heading out the door! The package above is a thank you to our physical therapist (a Stripey skirt and Giddy-Up Skirt) for taking such good care of my girls through all of this.I love packages that are so colorful and especially wrapped up with ribbon and tissue.
So much more fun to open.


Sunday, November 23

Iced Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies...

This past summer I came across a bunch of zippers in a thrift sale and brought home a whole sack of them in the hopes of trying my hand at zippered purses.
This past week when I didn't have any appointments or for that matter anywhere to go because of tending to sick children here at home I sat down and pulled out some of my stash that I have been assembling for my Frosted Gingerbread sewing that I have been dreaming about.
I am quite happy with how my first Zippered Purse came out. Not too much muttering under my breath at all!
If you notice I finally have my tags. Oh! I am sooo excited about these tags and I and Sophie and Hannah made them together. A fun tag-making party at the kitchen table.
*I will have a separate post to gush about them though because Tessa still needs to upload the photos I took on her camera.

This brown tweed-y fabric is what started me dreaming of Frosted Gingerbread....way back this summer. I bought a whole bunch of this brown fabric too so I will have some for many projects, like little girls Gingerbread skirts and more Zippered purses and bags.
Pretty smart of me to stock up on it, huh? :o)
I have updated my shop with these two Sweeties....all of the sugar without any of the calories!


P.S. Yep...that's me in the photo to the right...thought I shouldn't be anonymous anymore.

P.S.S. there is a link on my sidebar now for you to follow my blog and all my ramblings on home and shop. :o)

Saturday, November 22

A recipe::Hamburger-Vegetable Soup

This is for you Cyndyava...and anyone else who has a hankering for some fall soup.

This is a what you have at the moment type of soup.
Here we go-

Recipe:: in one pot
*brown hamburger (leanest) on medium-season with garlic and onion powders and johhny's seasoning salt

*add in three parts water and one part spaghetti sauce (I also add in braggs liquid aminos and beef better than boillion paste)

Boil (taste here and there to see if the taste is the strength of tomatoe-y beef-y that you want)

*now I add in the veggies in the order of hardness so the softer ones dont overcook.

when carrots and potatoes are almost tender add in:
frozen corn
frozen peas
fresh broccoli

Salt at this point and I add butter for added good fats for my kids brains. :o)

I make large amounts so we can put a little in the freezer, have some the next day or take a bowl to a neighbor.

Friday, November 21

one pot...

these past several days have been a blur of running back and forth between sick kids , cooking and cleaning while blowing my nose and drinking emergen c fizzy packets in juice. So far so's not getting me down. LOL It's been a bit bumpy of a ride with me not feeling well enough to venture out of the house and not having some of the staples for sore throats other than chamomile tea, honey and popsicles.
Tessa had two molars pulled on Tuesday (the day the rest of the kids illness really hit) so everyone really needed soft foods to eat that would nourish their bodies too.
A friend had just dropped off a box of slightly bruised apples Wednesday morning so I set to making some fresh applesauce for my kiddos. It has been a long time since I have made homemade applesauce but it was soothing to peel apples and smell the cinnamony-good aroma waft through the house.
I cannot remember exactly where this particular pot came from but I think it decided to stay with the house when Andy and I bought it from my Mom when we were newly married (over 17 years ago). It has no handles...just two screws that stick out a bit where the handles used to be. The pot is thick and heavy though and has cooked more meals than I can count.
Later the same day the same pot cooked us up a pot of hamburger vegetable soup. It was just what our bodies needed...tomatoey-beef broth, hamburger and veggies with a roll to dunk in it.
Aliss and Hannah have set up beds (dismantled couch cushions, blankets and pillows) along the floor in the family room in front of the wood stove. Just the perfect place to get well if you ask me. :o)

Hope you all are well!

Tuesday, November 18


Amanda has been sharing about the observance of being still in her families lives over at her blog this past week or so.

I love this...

Life is so crazy with children needing to go here and there and appointments to keep them well and have good teeth or visits with friends let alone all of my own obligations outside of these walls.
I have been creating what I have started to call *pockets of still* in our lives here. With our family dynamics being one mama divided between 5 children the still is even wonderful being in pocket moments.

Each night I read aloud to whichever child has their turn sleeping with me.
I leave the radio off in the van when I take Tes to work to leave the chance for conversation.
I give myself moments of still by sitting in my fat chair by the woodstove and reading or sometimes just sitting and watching my children doing what they are doing around the house.
these moments wont be brought back and I am realizing this more and more each day...outside things wont go away but my children will grow which makes me guard what time I have with them more and more and to really celebrate who they are in the process.

Right now Tessa is sleeping upstairs after having been on sleepy pills for 2 teeth to be pulled today. Aliss is in her room reading with a cup of chamomile and honey tea for her achy body and sore throat.
Hannah and Sophie are laying on the couches in the livingroom watching a movie and Zack is getting ready for bed early.

a little still...

We all are sicky tonight...something just got us quick. On my way home from college I grabbed a box of chamomile tea and some local honey to help us toward wellness and plan on taking the next day puttering around the house, loving on my sick kids and finishing up those last Giddy-Up skirt orders.

Sunday, November 16

in my home...

This past weekend was a whirlwind.

I have heard that life gets busier as your children grow but didnt really get it til recently.

Tessa and Aliss had a very good friend move about a half hour away. They used to take one afternoon a week and spend it walking to the library,the liquidation store for chocolate stash updates and swinging at the city park.
This past Friday they had their friend and her brother (for Zack to hang out with) come in to town and they spent a couple hours at the YMCA swimming and playing racquetball. When they were done they walked home (about 20 minutes), Zack loves it that as long as he has someone with him I have let him walk home two times now. Tessa and Sophie made a pumpkin log for a treat so it was all ready for them when they got here.

While the older three kids were playing, Hannah, Sophie and I were having coffee and pastries with the girls's friends mother; my good friend. We tried out a new bakery in town...My Sister's Bakery.
The owners remodeled it from a florists shop and made it real nice inside with painting it a butterscotch and red with black trimmings here and there. We chose a room in the back that was set up like a livingroom with leather furniture...really cozy.

After coffee, Han and Soph and I went to a thrift store and rummaged around. Hannah found a large 3-ring folder that I am going to transform into a LPS (littlest pet shop) custom carrier.
They both found purses and Barbies. At the price for Barbies there they can cut hair all they want. I havent bought Barbies in years because frankly I am tired of seeing miniature naked women laying around my house. I was very happy when polly pocket , my little pony and littlest pet shop took over at our house.
Anyway, a little rabbit trail there....we then went to WalMart for essentials like a present for a birthday and kitty litter...blech.

Saturday, Zack, Aliss and Hannah went to a roller skating birthday party and I ran errands. I think I have seen the inside of the van a little too much lately.

Yay if you are still with me here...

*I have been feeling like I needed a big catch-up with a couple of orders of Giddy-Up skirts this past week so tonight I cleared the table and cut them out. I am feeling so blessed to be able to sew to have Christmas money for presents for my kids. It feels so good to walk into a store and know that my gift in sewing earned the money I am spending.

*I also matched up enough of the upcycled upholstery fabrics to make 22 zip purses. I am really excited to finally get around to zip purses. I have quite a few really neat pieces of the fabric that is just the right size for smaller purses.

*I put in an order for a rubber stamp with lissilulu on it at a local stamp business. It feels good to support local business. I have been going back and forth on buying embroidered labels or making my own and finally settled on making my own because I can coordinate the grossgrain ribbon to what I am making. I am so excited to finally get my name on the things I make.

I have been noticing some things around my home that can make it look nicer around here without spending money. Am I the only one who just didnt notice that I have to schedule time to wash down walls with all of the little fingers around here? So women do this on a regular schedule or is that included in Spring and Winter cleaning? for thought.

I started washing down walls this weekend. another blech... AND washing the hearth under and around the woodstove. Things are starting to spruce up around, but I think every wall needs to be washed and I am enlisting the army (AKA--the kids) unbeknownst to them.
*insert evil laugh

Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 13

I bought a pattern for Mary Jane shoes for babies today on Etsy from a sweet lady at My Little Sweet.

They make me smile whenever I see them.

I have always loved Black Patent leather Mary Janes and each of my girls has always had a pair of them as a staple in their wardrobe.
Sophie and Hannah still have them, come to think of it, my only pair of high heels is a pair of cute Mary Janes I found last year at a thrift store.

I can't wait to make some of these in all sorts of colors for babies in our church and for my shop too. I have so many fabrics that they would look so cute in!

Tuesday, November 11

November dinner menu

Recently I had a discussion with the kids about food vs. Christmas presents.

It went something like this-
me-"kids if you don't stop eating just because you are bored or taking more food than what you need and wasting the rest there won't be much Christmas this year".
-"okay Mom".
Short conversation huh? I told them that if we can keep the grocery bill to around $600 for the month then I will have Christmas money. If we can't then I don't have any leftover money to buy presents.
Pretty simple.

So I set about getting a dinner menu up to
buy what I need and not a bunch of stuff that doesn't make much more than a snack. It feels really good to know what I am making at the end of the day.
I may even do like Laine does and make part of the dinner meal earlier on in the day, or even better; have one of the kids morning chores be to make part of dinner. that wouldn't really be a chore for my kids though. they would love it.

Dinner Menu til the end of November::
tue/11-salmon and salad
wed/12-hamburger-veggie soup and cheesy biscuits
thur/13-sub sandwiches
Fri/14-homemade pizza
sat/15-roast chicken, carrots, potatoes--maybe gravy
sun/16- leftovers (just me here)

mon/17-red snapper, pasta Alfredo
tue/18-chicken enchilada
wed/19-Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn
fri/21-oven fried chicken, homemade mac n' cheese
sat/22-beef stew (kinda like an Irish stew)
sun/23-hamburgers, oven fries
mon/24-cheesy corn chowder, cheesy bread sticks
tue/25-beef enchiladas
wed/26-sloppy lasagna
fri/28-chicken or turkey pot pie casserole
taco soup with cheese and corn chips

I went shopping today for most of the ingredients I needed. Some of it was laready around here like whole chickens that were on sale last month.
I did go over my budget by about $40. I think that was because I bought a few things that I knew would save me money next month because they were on sale now and I know we would be eating it. Like, salad dressing from Kraft that tastes like Catalina but has big chunks of bacon in it at the Grocery Outlet for $1.59 a bottle. I grabbed 4. Also this month is a bit more because of things like pumpkin pie, etc.

Overall, I am quite happy with having everything I need; barring one of the kids doesnt eat it before it is that night. But thats a whole nother blog post right?

mustache mania...

You never know what you will find when sorting through your daughter's photo gallery. Must be a girl thing to stick a cat's tail on your lip because the boy doesn't have a picture. LOL!

P.S. We would so appreciate prayers for us here in Western Washington this evening; the wind gusts are forcasted to be sustained at 45 mph.
We are gathering up candles and will be unplugging electronics. This can be a bit scary after the storm last December that had hurricane force winds that was originally forcasted to be 45 mph too.
Thank you!

Monday, November 10

In Memory...

Thank you to all of you who have sacrificed for our freedom
and all of the families of those who have sacrificed for our freedom!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day here in the United States. I have lived in this area for 20 years and hadn't realized there is a local parade in a neighboring town about 30 minutes from us.
I have decided it would be very good for my children (and me) to witness all of these men and women who have fought for our country's freedom in the past. We go to a Christmas parade and a loggers playday parade; it will be great to go to a Veteran's Day Parade too.
I figure that to show my children others who have sacrificed their life to protect theirs is a good way to continue feeling thankful for who we are and where we live.
While I am on the topic of Thankfulness I would like to say thank you to Dad and Debbie.

We got this great package of goodies in the mail. Lots of books, toothbrushes (because grandparents know how important it is for kids to brush), and other stuff.
Hannah and Soph have already claimed their very own mini toothpaste and floss.
Thank you Dad and Debbie, we love you!

Sunday, November 9

in my home...

::Tessa is really enjoying chatting in the forums on Etsy and has now come up with a new product to offer her customers. At first in her crocheting journey she made kitty collars....well, she has had the comment of how people would like to wear them too so she now has human collars.
What a cute idea..we see many crocheted scarves and such; why not a human collar?
Great idea Tes!

::I love how inhibited children can be of they are raised being able to try new things and make mistakes...which is how I try to raise my kids.
Last week I decided I needed to declutter some of the fabrics in one of my big totes to make more leg room under my sewing area. I gave each of my girls the chance to shop for 4 fabric pieces each before the rest goes to the give away area at the library.
Hannah chose her 4 and within a day decided to make a pair of pants. "What?!" I thought to myself...pants. Here we go...not the easiest first piece of clothing to start with.

Hannah proceeded to lay out a pair of pants on her fabric and found out that the fabric she chose had only enough room to be one side of the pants. She found another fabric that matched and cut out the other side. She then decided that they really needed to have pockets and to make the sides match each other she used one fabric on the other side for pockets.

She even cut out one of the flowers and two butterflies to appliqué on. (Mama ended up appliquéing them on but she has already started putting on the pockets.)

She can't decide if she is going to sell these or keep them for herself.

The argument in her head is as follows:
*These are my first pair of pants I have made.
*I really need $30 for the Littlest Pet Shop Planner.

Oh, the arguments we have in our heads.

I will keep updating this blog with her progress on her first pair of pants... without a pattern.
While we are on the subject of patterns; I am feeling itchy to make my Giddy-Up skirts and messenger bags into patterns for sale and just dont know where to start --to get nice envelopes and pictures/graphics with the instructions.
Any resources anyone?

Have a GREAT day!

P.S. I added a new linky thing in my sidebar for people who want to follow my blog.
I have seen it on others blogs and thought *how neat, she can see who reads her blog*.
If you would like to be seen click on it and sign up. :o)

Friday, November 7

imaginative play...

Sophie and Hannah played in the "cake walk" at the harvest festival at our church and after winning around 3 cupcakes each they got to pick from a toy basket.
There were these plush toys of Hello Kitty. Score for my girls, they love Hello Kitty.
I love how my kids imaginations can create without anything special to play with. Videos have so many uses you know...from skyscraper towers to Hello Kitty houses.
I couldnt resist taking this photo of Sophie to remember how creative she is when I am old. Who knew you could be a kitty with only duct tape, straws and toilet paper rolls? Warning: Sophie learned duct tape isnt the best idea for hair.
But isnt she the cutest kitty? I named her Pretty Kitty.

P.S. she came through as a trooper from her procedure today. She is still nauseous from the anesthesia though. You should have seen the nurses loving on this girl...melts a mama's heart.

Thursday, November 6

heading off to bed...

The little girls are in the bath before bed, Tessa is wrapping up some of her business stuff for the day, Aliss is reading and Zack is waiting for me to come up and watch a movie snuggled under the covers. BTW...I LOVE it that my 12 year old son (the one who rides his waveboard in the street in the middle of a rainshower) still wants me to watch a movie with him snuggled in my bed. I am soaking it up-thankyouverymuch.

I am sitting here real quick to ask for special prayer for Sophie tomorrow (Friday), she is going under anesthesia to have some cavities taken care of. It isnt an emergency and she does take care of her teeth. Our dentist does it this way with the younger children so that they wont have adverse emotions to dentistry as they grow older.

Anyway, you know a mother's heart. There is worrying going on about the anesthesia and such a small child but I dont want anyone to know I am worrying.
We (Sophie, Tessa, Hannah and I) have to wake at 5:30 am and be at the hospital at 6:30 for check in. Hannah and Tessa want to be there for moral for Sophie. I told them that she wont even know they are there because of the drugs- but they say it doesnt matter. I guess it is the principal of the thing.
Aliss and Zack decided that staying in bed sleeping sounds just great. The drive is only 10 minutes so that is a plus.

Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, November 5

The new ma & pa kettle...

These girls are so funny with their friend.

p.s. I have had to go to comment moderation because of spamming. Don't let this stop ya from talking though. :o)

baby love...

Baby love....of the furry variety that is. We love all kinds of babies but at the moment we have the furry variety at our house.
Meet know the little guy who plays the miniature grand piano off of Charlie Brown comics. He belongs to Aliss now. Aliss has been a kitty mama three times in her 14 years but has lost all three boys. Two to illness that are prevalent in kitty worlds and one to someone thinking they liked him more than the owner did and taking him.
Schroder is a mixture of all three kitties she grieves. He has extra toes like Pumpkin, face shape like Princie and talks like Wilbur. He is snuggled and cuddled so much and even ahem...put in a baby carrier.

Meet Joseph (Jo-Jo), he's about 6 months old, the neighbors rescued him from the WalMart parking lot a few months ago. Right about the same time Dukey went missing. Well the other night the husband part of the neighbors came over and asked if I would like him and proceeded to set him in Sophie's arms and announced "here's a present for you". Her eyes lit up soooo big...whats a mama to do for the heart of her child.

Suffice to say-Sophie is a mama again.
baby being snuggled

baby saying shhhh
two babies being ferocious....wouldn't you be terrified to meet them in a dark alley? :o)
Have a wonderful day!