Wednesday, April 30

free money...FOR YOU

If you have used Paypal in the past, there is a new company breaking in the scene that is similar to them. Its called Revolution Money Exchange.They are wanting to spread the word about their services to us....and for incentive if you open an account with them before May 15, they are giving each new member a FREE $25.

it's been tried by real life people I know. I say's not a scam. LOL!
AND....if you sign up using my handy dandy button on my sidebar you will send my family a whole $10. woohoo!
run...don't walk to the nearest Revolution Money Exchange button near you (at least the one in my sidebar--giggle,giggle)

gone again, gone again, jiggity jig...

Boy, does time fly when the camera has been displaced (under the middle seat of the minivan...hmmmm) for a week. I have missed so many snapshots to share with you.

Yesterday we went to the grand re-opening of one of our city bridges. While waiting for the festivities to begin we took a walk on the sidewalk along the river. Sophie couldn't even pick and hold all of the wild flowers that grow along the river. It was really sweet because when we reached the bridge base there was a lady there who is now at the age of 94 years old. She was 14 and there when the bridge was originally put in. Sophie gave her bouquet of flowers to her. What a proud mama was I and the look in that womans eyes showed she was proud of Sophie too. sigh...

All of us who braved the cold northwest winds and freak showers got to walk up the bridge deck after the local high school band and oldies cars went over it. It has been closed for 10 weeks getting gears redone and a new bridge keeper (is that a real word?) house on top of it.

Hopefully, you are getting some sunny spring days where you live.

Sunday, April 20


Tessa has been practicing driving. We went down to a more quiet end of the outskirts of town. There is a bird sanctuary and waste water treatment pond (had beautiful ducks in it today) and on the other side of the road is a sort of beach.
It was freezing out but well worth the fun we had.

a little artistry~

some titanic reenactments~

It was a nice diversion from housework waiting for us at home (so we can start the week out right).
I have been trying to not get so wrapped up in the *to do* list that we aren't enjoying life as a family. It has been nice to go do something on Sunday afternoons...together. Life can't be so busy that we can't enjoy our loved ones and the beautiful surroundings God created for us.

Tuesday, April 15

better late than never...

School and home life has been out of control. I am ashamed to see how far and in between I have been in posting. ~blush~
I will try to do better. So much has been going on around here too, I wouldn't have a lack of things to post about-just lack of time. LOL!
The cake is the gluten-free-carrot-cake-from-scratch Tessa made me. I love how it glows in this photo. As you can see I turned 6 this year. *heehee*

The frosting is cream cheese based. I love two layer cakes. Love the way they look and to be able to scoop down through the layers and have frosting in between. I am so proud of her in adapting the recipe from our loved neighbor's traditional carrot cake recipe to gluten free.
We are trying out different recipes in gluten free to see if some of our stomach problems seem to go away. One thing is spaghetti night. We all seem to *feel* hungry about 30 minutes after a meal. Shouldn't be with the amount we have eaten. So, we tried corn noodles and brown rice noodles and we didn't have that problem after the meal. Coincidence?

loved this tag from Sophie

I loved all of my presents-
homemade apron (its purple too mom-neener neener)
scented rice pack for my dresser
non scented large rice pack for the freezer for after physical therapy
two shirts-one bought by Tessa and one by Sophie(her own money)
dehydrated apple pieces-(dehydrated by the child)
cute handmade pillow
mini scented jar candle
a lasagna casserole (family sized) for an easy dinner I didn't have to make
a $10 Starbucks card...mmmmmm

boy, was I spoiled or what?

Wednesday, April 9

my turn...

It's my birthday today!
I woke to breakfast in bed from the kids and presents.
I will update with pictures later today or tomorrow.
hope your day is just as fine!

ps...i made my second treasury on Etsy!
this time with one of my own skirt designs:
my Giddy-Up skirt-it's still available in my shop.
If you have a little girl in your life that loves horses (and wears a size 3)
you could take a peek. :o)

ACTUALLY, I am in another.
My third treasury.
This one has my market tote and a matching wallet that Tessa made to go with it.
These two pieces are made from vintage pieces and recycled fabrics from the high end furniture show room we get the fabric from.

what a birthday gift!

Saturday, April 5

chalk & sunshine...

a break in the weather for a couple of days...

brings out all the timeless outside games...

for a fun (and dry) afternoon...

hope you have a chance to play this weekend.

Wednesday, April 2

just because...

Last Sunday I took the kids to Pizza Hut for a diversion from some hard stuff we are going through. We had a few Book-It coupons for mini pizzas from a program I signed them up through for home schoolers to encourage reading. They have a new *natural* pizza that we tried also and we really liked it. Usually I end up with a tummy ache and didn't this time. thumbs up..

vending machine toys....toy rings and jukebox music...

mmmm...just what we needed.

Wednesday funnies:::
Tessa tricked Hannah for April Fool's day. She made red jello in a drinking glass and Hannah tried to *drink* it. The kids thought it was hilarious.

I needed to get some online school work done today so my neighbor was having the kids go to play at her house for a couple hours and it was taking Tessa for--ever to leave the house.
She looks at me and says *I am only a figment of your imagination" and walks out of the room. a minute later I see her crawling on the other side of the couch and I say impatiently "Tes, you are NOT a figment of my imagination and I need to get to my school work". She stands up with her pair of ballet flats and says with a grin "Mom, I was only getting my shoes from under the couch". What a card.

I was searching out some encouragement online for Christian Single parents home schooling tonight and found some articles that were great. I was all in the snuggly mood and Hannah sat on my lap and cuddled in. I seized the moment and whispered in her ear "Have I told you recently that I love you and what a great person you are"?
She looked at me under big eyelashes and leaned over and whispered in my ear "I have a secret for you. You have very hot breathe that goes right into my ear".
still chuckling over that one...

Tuesday, April 1


Soulemama's book was released to the public today.
Woopee for her!!! ( and for us.)

Tes and I went to our first Physical therapy appointment yesterday. We had to do some weird stretches and some that I already have done for relief from migraines.
I am hoping this is the missing link to us getting healthy again. The rear ending happened waaaaay back in June of 06 for petes sake.

We got some sunshine today!!!! and...the bank thermometer said 59 degrees.