Wednesday, December 13

I love this pillow but hate the picture of it! LOL!
The gold accent fabric is really small checks of two tone gold fabric.
The tassles are so much fun in that golden green color and white.

I stuffed it with the fiber fill that is prespun little balls so it fluffs back up....feels so yummy!
This was one of the very first bags I made! This bag lives at a DaySpa waiting for just the right gal to come along and snap it up for her very own. LOL!

The blue in this is a greyish blue and the brown leather reminds me of a saddle the way it feels all warm and broken in to the touch.

I just started using magnetic snaps when I made this bag...they work so nice and look more finished.
This is a custom design briefcase (portable office) that I made for a woman who works at a Day Spa.
It has the greatest taupe fabric for the background with paisley designs on it.
The color combo she picked was so much fun with deep purple, brick red and black.
This style of bag has two magnetic snaps and two outer leather pockets.
Some people have said it would be great for a laptop and the outside can be for paper, pens and cell phone.
Great idea!!

I made this also in gold and black for the owner of the dayspa that this one was custom ordered from.
Both are soooooo cute and very unique.