Sunday, July 29

Winner of the handbag

We have a winner!

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Sarah has won the handbag......boy I wish I had more to give away for all of the sweet posts from already friends and new gals who came to visit.

Sarah, I sent you an email if you could reply with you address I can ship you handbag right out to ya!

This was tons of fun ladies....the suspense, the excitement here on the world of blogging. ~smile~
My daughter and I would come and check for new comments guessing how many would hear of my contest about 4 times a day. LOL!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hope you come back to visit again,

Sunday, July 22

Belated Birthday Blog Give-Away!

Sunday is here and that is the day I said I would show a picture of the Fabulous One-Of-A-Kind Lissilulu Handbag you can win by commenting. Your name will be put into a computer generated drawing to win.

I totally missed my bloggy birthday and am celebrating....want to join in?!
I will keep the comments open for this til July 29th (my youngest brothers birthday-Happy Birthday Anthony!! I love you!)
Now I know it is difficult but please limit your comments to one in all fairness. LOL!

Art Walk 2007

This was my first year as a vendor in the Art Walk our area holds yearly.
I have to say for all the work leading up to was worth it. I made contacts with a local boutique and a gallery who are interested in my bags being in their businesses.
I handed out a whole bunch of business cards.
Sold some things...very happy with my sales for the day. :o)

My 16 year old daughter had a couple of smaller tables right next to me this year. This was her first year having her own.
She did very well. The light is shining right on the picture of the truck photo she did that everyone walking by just loved. It is of an old ford truck in a field right under a large tree with a fence post running through the lower part of the picture.
She is going to make notecards of that photo for sale soon.
She also makes bill folds and kitty collars among other things.
At the end of the day she asked another vendor there (an adult jewelry maker) if she would be interested in trading something of hers for a necklace the vendor had. She did want to.
Tessa traded a photo of a shrub dangling in the river and the light on the waters ripples was amazing.

I am sure you can tell I am a very proud Mama.

I am excited once again for is always a boost to get your stuff out in the public and see what a reaction you get!

Sunday, July 15

Wow! My blog birthday passed without any fanfare...sooooo...

Life has been soooo incredibly busy that I missed my blog birthday.

Well then I will have to remedy that won't I?

In true Blog Birthday fashion I shall have a give away.

My friend Autum over at Creative Little Daisy used an online generator to pick the winner when she had a drawing so I think I will do it thataway also.
After my Art Walk this Saturday, July 21st I will post a picture of a handbag that will be up for the sure to check back for that special post....I will do the drawing post on Sunday so get your typing fingers ready!
I know that's teasing to leave you hanging until then but I think if I add one more thing to my brain before this Art Walk I will be sitting in the corner rocking back and forth with a thumb in my mouth. ha!

So thats the teaser...come back on Sunday and sign up to win the handbag I will have a picture of up for you all to see.

How exciting!

kids and technology...

The kids are at their Dad's so I was looking through some of my oldest daughter's photos online.

This is a picture of their camping trip with their Dad last summer (2006).
Pretty normal run of the mill camping photo..lets stop by this pretty tree and take a picture right?

Enter a 15 year old who doodles....doesn't matter if it is on paper or computer...doodling has no rules as to when or where.
We now have royalty..... although I am sure the kids already knew that about themselves! ~smile~
My son has quite the facial hair and the girls need to visit the Clinique counter to see just how to apply that make-up.
I LOVE the bright colors.

Saturday, July 14

Every Fourth of July our city puts on a big festival by the main river called *Splash*.
They always have blow up things to climb all around on and in for the kids for free and other booths too.
This year the day was SUPER HOT! We brought reinforcement of juice boxes for the heat and headed out.

Our Harbor also has two Tall Ships who dock locally and are owned by the Historical Seaport. One is called The Lady Washington and was actually in the movie *Pirates of the Caribbean*. That ship is the one farthest from us in the photo above. The other Tall Ship is the Hawaiian Chieftain. The Seaport just bought her this past year. These two ships were staging a mock battle for the festival in this photo with cannon blasts.

The kids had a great time on this toy with the huge Octopus. Just thought I would share some of the fun stuff we got to do locally for the Fourth even though it is quite a bit past the fourth now. ~smile~

Sometime in the next few days I will share pictures of the Vintage Strawberry Shortcake aprons for little girls I made for the Art Walk my two olders girls and I will be in on the 21st.

Tuesday, July 10

more camping fun!

The river that was out at the camping spot is really beautiful with some spots shallow enough for water fun. This is my youngest daughter playing with a long water squirter we found at the Dollar Tree.

My two middle daughters had a very relaxing time after the sun started heading down playing together on the hammock.

Here are four of my children relaxing in the kiddie pool ... it was really warm from being in the sun!

family camping

This past Sunday we headed out to a community campsite. This is one of those you buy your lot (piece of land) and then pay yearly dues on it.
This place is like a community with lots ranging in variety from just a firepit and tent to a beautiful cabana with a seeded lawn.
Children and adults drive around on motorized vehicles like quads, bicycles and dirt bikes but the favorite of most is the golf cart.

This little squirrel was very father in law loves his squirrels as you can tell by the sign he has put up. LOL!
There were also two beautiful Blue Jays that hung around the outskirts of the camp site. I am sure they didn't know quite what to think when 5 children invaded the territory they normally knew as quiet and serene.

ALTHOUGH these Blue Jays let their displeasure be known around 6 in the morning. My 5 year old daughter said they sounded like the Game Cube game because they got to fighting so fast and shrill with each other.

Over all we had a GREAT time!