Tuesday, May 19

First S'Mores 2009

We have a very simple fire-pit in the backyard that we started last fall and just remade this spring. A few weekends ago we did a clean up in the back yard and got the pit all ready for this year's roastings. Boy, I haven't heard the end of "when are we going to make s'mores mom?" since then either.

This past Friday we did just that: roasted smores, had friends over for a sleepover and everything.
It had been a long week so I told the kids to get the sticks and we would get to it. I have to say that it was just what I needed: to sit mesmerized by the flames and hear my kids and their friends have a blast right in our back yard.

Simplicity at it's finest...

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Tessa said...

Love the last photo!