Thursday, April 19

Surprise trip to the E.R.

Yesterday I got to get a ride to the emergency room in an ambulance.
How very fun for me.

It seems that the car accident I was in is still playing games with my neck.
I will go into more detail in a couple of days when I can think more clearly.

Anyway, home as much as I can and resting as much as I can.


Friday, April 13

small update in my shop

Tes helped me get some of the things we already had pictures of in our Etsy shop.
I can say I definitely am not gifted in the area of computer and am grateful for her guidance. LOL!

Tomorrow we will also be adding a couple of really cute teapot cozies, coasters and mouse pads.

Here's a teaser for ya. ;o)

This style of teapot cozy opens all the way from the top to the bottom 1/4. The ribbon ties are to close it back up again after you have refilled your teapot with more hot, yummy tea. :o)
You can see on the right side an opening and there is another on the left for the spout and handle to peek out of so that you can leave your pot in this cozy as you pour your tea.

Saturday, April 7


Well, I was wrong about the Apparel Design being online or correspondence. those options are mostly Fashion Merchandising.

Next option please...
I started typing in titles on our online library system...very large system that you can put a hold on titles from several different libraries.

I have found the buried treasure on pattern making books and merchandising your product written specifically for home business handicrafters.

We are heading out to the Easter Egg hunt in about an hour and I need to get everyone fed and dressed warm. It has been especially warm this week but today decided to rain. LOL!
Our church is doing a beautiful dance/drama. Our pastor calls it Human Video. These kids are very talented who do this.

Thursday, April 5

A Very Yummy Treat for me

I have been using upholstery grade fabrics that have been gifted to me from a wonderful gal who works as a Designer at a high end furniture store.
Working with these fabrics have been such a blessing. I, however have missed the bright color palettes of cotton fabrics.
Lately I have been wanting to make more things for little girls things and upholstery fabric can be too thick for summer.
I found this pretty on E-Bay today and bought some!

RJR Fabrics , "Pavillion" line.

I cannot wait to get this in my little fingers. I am already dreaming of what to make with it and what I can mix and match with it from fabrics I already have.
Can you hear it asking for stripes to play with?


Wednesday, April 4

We hit a snag

Wellllll...we aren't on the big metal plane flying toward NY right now.
We all got horrible head colds.
Soooo we are all on homemade chicken soup and other Mama doctoring stuff trying to get better.

We have talked with my parents over there in NY and decided to postpone it til around the beginning of May and actually do a days layover in the Big Apple.

We are planning on flying in on a Thursday night and getting a room there in NYC and then the next day seeing Ground Zero which is a couple of blocks from the hotel we have picked out. This hotel has a grand foyer. We are very impressed.
We are also going to take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

I dont know how much more time we have than that to be able to catch a flight later that night on to Buffalo to my parents home.

So thats the update.....

My oldest also have a lovely birthday lunch with she and my second oldest daughter and 4 of my dear friends at an excellent Mexican restaurant this past weekend and I was blessed with wonderful fellowship and presents.
She made me a beautiful cake and took it on our glass cake pedestal to the restaurant.