Thursday, May 7

Pink blossoms

Pink blossoms, purple blossoms, yellow blossoms....they are everywhere delighting us with the signs of spring! Here at our house we have a most magnificent Japanese Cherry Tree that is taller than our two story home and just as wide as our home as well. We are so proud of its spendor compared to smaller ones we see around the town.

Every spring the children climb up amongst the clusters of pink blossoms and we take photos of them. The clusters look like giant puffs of cotton candy and when the winds come the neighborhood gets covered in pink snow.

I had tried to embroider french knots in the past and couldn't. I tried it again just so I could make some bags with Pink Blossoms on them. Yeah, now I can make french knots and there are some pink blossom bags over in my shop.

P.S. I just got a letter today in the mail telling me that I got a full tuition scholarship to college again next year!


randi said...

Cute blossoms!

Congrats on your scholarship. Way to go, friend!

melissa said...

i like your blossoms! they look lovely- especially the french knots. :)

Fledgling said...

Way to go!! The scholarship!! Awesome!! You certainly have a full plate. But you'll move mountains.

(BTW...I recently learned a way to make French knots with the sewing wrap your embroidery floss around the sewing machine needle and stitch an itty-bitty stitch...almost foolproof).