Wednesday, November 17

Lissilulu has moved

Hello friends!
I have been trying to access my blog here, but couldn't get in for the longest time.
We have had a major change in our life.

We have moved to a farm! With the move came many changes in our lives and some new directions added for my sharing with you.
I now share about rural life and animals along with all of the sorts of family life that I have shared in the past here at Lissilulu.

While it is exciting to start a new chapter, it is also sad to lay one to rest. SOOO..I have decided to leave Lissilulu right here, BUT point you in the direction of my new blog too :o)

Come visit us at our new home:
Melbourne Road

You will have a teensy bit of catch up in reading. So settle in with a hot cup of something of your choice and see what we have been up to.

So glad to have finally gotten this thing unlocked to invite you over to our new home!