Tuesday, June 30

Mama of a Graduate

Bubbly Apple Cider for the toast of a great future!
The Dad, The Grad & The Mama

photos Tessa has taken

special friends help pass out cake
My Mama came down from Alaska.

So many thoughts and memories to not forget of this special time period. My first child has now graduated and is talking about starting on an Associates in Art Degree this fall or winter. So many friends and relatives came to celebrate Tessa with us. I'm so glad they did so Tessa can see how many people support her.

Fly baby....fly...

Tuesday, June 23

In My Home::

::early morning watering and thinning of veggies in my garden

::last stages of planning our first graduation and all the last minute details that go along with that...I will share photos when it is all said and done (this Sunday is the BIG day!)

::Sold a couple bags to a very sweet friend over in Spokane

::helping my girls foster C.A.R.A. kittens until the adoption day in a few more weeks. lots of feedings, teaching how to drink from a dish, rounding them up and a new kitten who is more wild than the ones we have had that Aliss and I are gentling.

::Ricky (another C.A.R.A. cat that is sweet but doesn't like other cats) in my laundry room til his antibiotics have healed his tail.

::making Tessa a little bolero jacket to go with her Chocolate Brown gown she is wearing for Graduation.

::trying to keep in contact with friends and family

::starting three summer classes online and getting them organized: Sociology, Diversity and Health & Safety for young children.

::started an internship with an agency that does Supervised Child Visitation. I just learned that I start my own case this next week and I am SO EXCITED! God is so good in the fact that He knows I know little girls and the new case will be a little girl. So EXCITED...oh, did I already say that? ~grin~

::Had my 5 kids + 6 friends for a sleepover last Friday night. CRAZY! We made home made pizza.

::made Cinnamon Rolls for my brood from leftover pizza crust dough...yummy!

Am I forgiven for not being here much lately?
I will try to do at least short posts in the future.
Hope your week is going well!


Tuesday, June 16


Aliss made Tessa's birthday breakfast in bed.
Tessa was made to get back into bed fully clothed for the celebratory breakfast in bed. :o)
"where's my presents?"

....when your first born child becomes a full fledged adult, the world tilts on its axis.

First there is denial...
then acceptance.

Then a new kind of relationship happens~
respect becomes an even stronger element in the relationship
listening and helping with future plans in the terms of guiding
not telling, but listening happens.

Knowing Tessa was turning 18 and graduating has of course been something I have known was coming, but that didn't deter the emotions that have happened in waves these past several days. The waves of immense pride in my girl flip-flopping with emotions of longing for that long-legged little 9 yr old colt or the baby with fat rolls around the wrists...

Knowing she is considered an adult...knowing what a wonderful and remarkable young lady (woman) she is....knowing there are many lives out there that her kindness and humor will touch..

So many emotions and we haven't even gotten to the graduation celebration night...

Saturday, June 13

special little suprises

My girl Tessa; who is now officially an adult TODAY, made me the above banner as a surprise.

I can't say how much I love seeing my kids up there when I check in here and chat with you all.
I specially love how lissilulu is on the hillside like the Hollywood sign in the movies too. ha!

Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are!


Tuesday, June 2

sunshine & flowers

A couple of new Meg Carry-Alls have bloomed over in my shop in honor of all of all of this lovely sunshine and flowers this week!

P.S. I am working at making the Meg Carry-All into a pattern for others to sew...what do ya think?

Monday, June 1

graduation time

In the depths of handmade Graduation Announcements
needing to be sent out by this weekend.

Presentation in Law and Ethics on Thursday
Math101 test on Thursday
Photo shoot for Tessa's senior picture tomorrow
Reprinting about 20 more announcements
Scrapbooking the announcements

2 weeks of dinner menus have been written out
the food to make the aforementioned dinners is in the kitchen

all is well...