Sunday, May 3

Mommy Marie

Happy Birthday Mom,

I hope that your day was spent knowing how very much you are loved. I am so blessed with our relationship and what it has become these past several years. To have a friend and mother all wrapped up into one person is the way life is meant to be.

If I could make the largest bouquet from the Japanese Cherry Tree and deliver it to you house I would. We love you so very much!

My calendar above my kitchen sink says this for your birthday:

May the Lord be loyal to you...
and reward you with many demonstrations of his love!
2Samuel 2:6

Happy Birthday Mom!
Lori and Kids

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Jackie Collins said...

Mommie Marie 3,
I think my reward is to have the wonderful, thoughtful, talented and loving children and grandchildren that I have been blessed with.......thank you so very much.....tight hugs from me to you.........Let me know when to pick you up at the airport with my flower the thought of a Japenese cherry tree bouquet.....Mommie Marie2