Thursday, February 22

Textile Design

I dont know if I have mentioned before that we are Home Schoolers.
If our schooling tastes were to be *labeled* we would most likely be called Relaxed Eclectic.

Welllll.... the older two girls (15 and 12 years old) and I are starting another rabbit trail....I love rabbit trails. You never know where they will lead.
After getting to know Anna Maria a bit lately it made me think of the possibilities for my very creative daughters future. So we have a huge treasure trove of books coming from the library on Textile Design.
We are soooo excited.
As they come I will post titles and a tid bit about them if anyone comments they are interested. :o)

Tuesday, February 20

Week in Art--Day 3

This is a self portrait of Hannah and me with her. Can ya tell we both are redheads? I'm the one with the curly hair. Hannah is the one with the little button nose....wait a second, we both have little button noses. :o)

I have no idea for the reasoning of this artwork done by Sophie....isnt that the truth with most art anyway? :o)
Oh, I was just set straight.....this artwork is a magazine.
See the letters (articles) and then the pictures?
Well, who would have known?
Oh, and I guess the yellow haired one is Sophie, the light-blue haired one is Hannah and the dark blue haired one is one of their older sisters Aliss.
Did you notice the grand crown Aliss is sporting?

Monday, February 19

Week in Art--Day 2

Squaresville man....Squaresville

CIRCLE SQUARES-Sophie age 4 yrs

I asked my 15 year old daughter if she had some fantastic artsy name for this and she said.....yeah, pink squares. Soooooo....
PINK SQUARES-Tessa age 15 yrs

Sunday, February 18

Week in Art--Day 1

I thought it would be fun to share some computer art my daughters have done or are doing while I wait to get a new digital camera.

Hannah's words ( 7 years old):
this is a house tent at night. It was made millions and millions of years ago....not for real.
Thats all I can think of.

Sophie's words (4 years old)--

It's snowing and a flower popped out from the sunshine.
The sunshine means its time to wake up.

Friday, February 16

Welcome Spring!

It has been an EXTREMELY LONG winter. I feel like I stepped out of one of the Little House on the Prairie books.
Driving through town today I noticed little bits of green tulip or daffodil stems poking out of the ground....birds were singing and the cold just isnt as cold.

I am working on getting a nice digital camera because my daughters met with the ground very unexpectantly one day recently.

Sooooo...hopefully soon there will be lots of pictures of fun things we have been making in our home studio.

P.S. the wheelbarrow garden is from last summer but we couldnt resist a little color right now.