Tuesday, May 5

Bird Sanctuary:: Migration Path

Once a year our local bird sanctuary gets loads of visitors; some of the winged variety and some the two legged variety looking for the winged variety. To get there we walk past a small airport until we get to the boardwalk the city put in a few years ago. The boardwalk winds through different trees, brush and tall grassy areas. When the wind blows through the grassy areas the grass makes the best rustling sound.

Some people travel here long distances to view the Shorebirds that have migrated from as far away as South America.The shorebirds stop by here for all of our yummy critters that live in the mud to refuel for the rest of their trip to Alaska.

The weather was great: overcast with a warm breeze. Perfect for a nature walk!
We were able to spot the Western Sandpiper; there were literally thousands of them along the waters edge as the tide came in. They would rise up in flight about 5 feet above the mud flats and fly in unison and turn in unison, when they turned in flight they flashed their white bellies all at the same time. It was a beautiful sight.
We also saw a few Caspian Terns, Great Blue Heron, Robins, and a blackbird with some red markings on its wings too.
We are spoiled with our bird sanctuary; they had a free telescope for viewing, brochures mapping out the migration path of the birds, and lots of pictures along the boardwalk.

I am once again glad that I listened to my kids and said "yes" to doing something away from the many to-do's on my list.

I hope you enjoyed your little nature walk with us!

Tessa did all of my collages on picknic.

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