Sunday, November 2

caramel apples and collars..

We made caramel apples this past week. The kids said we have made caramel apples before but I can't remember so it doesn't count, right?
I added some coconut oil to thin it out a teensy more so we would for sure have enough for all of us and one surprise friend of Zack's that happened to be here when we were making them.
The friend got my stick and I got the corn cob holder. So is life, eh?
share and share alike...

I am really glad we used granny smith apples...the contrast of tart and sweet was sooo yummy. We had some chocolate chips in the cupboard and we didn't want them to go bad (snicker, snicker) so we melted them down with coconut oil and drizzled it over the caramel. Good choice.

Tessa has been crocheting up some collars lately for her Etsy Shop.

They can be worn by furry creatures or the kind of creature that walks on two legs and is 75% hairless.
They can be doubled up...or not....
Many possibilities.
She has been getting to know people in the forums on Etsy and has made her first sale this past week. I will put up pictures of what she sold tomorrow or else there will be waaaay too many photos for one post.
Til then!

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moxylyn said...

Oh I love m&m's !! Those look yummy.