Sunday, November 23

Iced Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies...

This past summer I came across a bunch of zippers in a thrift sale and brought home a whole sack of them in the hopes of trying my hand at zippered purses.
This past week when I didn't have any appointments or for that matter anywhere to go because of tending to sick children here at home I sat down and pulled out some of my stash that I have been assembling for my Frosted Gingerbread sewing that I have been dreaming about.
I am quite happy with how my first Zippered Purse came out. Not too much muttering under my breath at all!
If you notice I finally have my tags. Oh! I am sooo excited about these tags and I and Sophie and Hannah made them together. A fun tag-making party at the kitchen table.
*I will have a separate post to gush about them though because Tessa still needs to upload the photos I took on her camera.

This brown tweed-y fabric is what started me dreaming of Frosted Gingerbread....way back this summer. I bought a whole bunch of this brown fabric too so I will have some for many projects, like little girls Gingerbread skirts and more Zippered purses and bags.
Pretty smart of me to stock up on it, huh? :o)
I have updated my shop with these two Sweeties....all of the sugar without any of the calories!


P.S. Yep...that's me in the photo to the right...thought I shouldn't be anonymous anymore.

P.S.S. there is a link on my sidebar now for you to follow my blog and all my ramblings on home and shop. :o)

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Tessa said...

Cute stuff Mom!
I am so happy with how the gingerbread purses pictures came out!!

Love ya!