Sunday, November 16

in my home...

This past weekend was a whirlwind.

I have heard that life gets busier as your children grow but didnt really get it til recently.

Tessa and Aliss had a very good friend move about a half hour away. They used to take one afternoon a week and spend it walking to the library,the liquidation store for chocolate stash updates and swinging at the city park.
This past Friday they had their friend and her brother (for Zack to hang out with) come in to town and they spent a couple hours at the YMCA swimming and playing racquetball. When they were done they walked home (about 20 minutes), Zack loves it that as long as he has someone with him I have let him walk home two times now. Tessa and Sophie made a pumpkin log for a treat so it was all ready for them when they got here.

While the older three kids were playing, Hannah, Sophie and I were having coffee and pastries with the girls's friends mother; my good friend. We tried out a new bakery in town...My Sister's Bakery.
The owners remodeled it from a florists shop and made it real nice inside with painting it a butterscotch and red with black trimmings here and there. We chose a room in the back that was set up like a livingroom with leather furniture...really cozy.

After coffee, Han and Soph and I went to a thrift store and rummaged around. Hannah found a large 3-ring folder that I am going to transform into a LPS (littlest pet shop) custom carrier.
They both found purses and Barbies. At the price for Barbies there they can cut hair all they want. I havent bought Barbies in years because frankly I am tired of seeing miniature naked women laying around my house. I was very happy when polly pocket , my little pony and littlest pet shop took over at our house.
Anyway, a little rabbit trail there....we then went to WalMart for essentials like a present for a birthday and kitty litter...blech.

Saturday, Zack, Aliss and Hannah went to a roller skating birthday party and I ran errands. I think I have seen the inside of the van a little too much lately.

Yay if you are still with me here...

*I have been feeling like I needed a big catch-up with a couple of orders of Giddy-Up skirts this past week so tonight I cleared the table and cut them out. I am feeling so blessed to be able to sew to have Christmas money for presents for my kids. It feels so good to walk into a store and know that my gift in sewing earned the money I am spending.

*I also matched up enough of the upcycled upholstery fabrics to make 22 zip purses. I am really excited to finally get around to zip purses. I have quite a few really neat pieces of the fabric that is just the right size for smaller purses.

*I put in an order for a rubber stamp with lissilulu on it at a local stamp business. It feels good to support local business. I have been going back and forth on buying embroidered labels or making my own and finally settled on making my own because I can coordinate the grossgrain ribbon to what I am making. I am so excited to finally get my name on the things I make.

I have been noticing some things around my home that can make it look nicer around here without spending money. Am I the only one who just didnt notice that I have to schedule time to wash down walls with all of the little fingers around here? So women do this on a regular schedule or is that included in Spring and Winter cleaning? for thought.

I started washing down walls this weekend. another blech... AND washing the hearth under and around the woodstove. Things are starting to spruce up around, but I think every wall needs to be washed and I am enlisting the army (AKA--the kids) unbeknownst to them.
*insert evil laugh

Happy Monday!

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