Friday, November 7

imaginative play...

Sophie and Hannah played in the "cake walk" at the harvest festival at our church and after winning around 3 cupcakes each they got to pick from a toy basket.
There were these plush toys of Hello Kitty. Score for my girls, they love Hello Kitty.
I love how my kids imaginations can create without anything special to play with. Videos have so many uses you know...from skyscraper towers to Hello Kitty houses.
I couldnt resist taking this photo of Sophie to remember how creative she is when I am old. Who knew you could be a kitty with only duct tape, straws and toilet paper rolls? Warning: Sophie learned duct tape isnt the best idea for hair.
But isnt she the cutest kitty? I named her Pretty Kitty.

P.S. she came through as a trooper from her procedure today. She is still nauseous from the anesthesia though. You should have seen the nurses loving on this girl...melts a mama's heart.


cyndyava said...

Girls after my own heart! So resourceful, I love it. Those kitty whiskers are a stroke of genius. Glad she is okay. I can just imagine how much the nurses loved her. So sweet. My girl has her very first dentist appointment tomorrow morning at nine. She's jumping around the house saying, "tomorrow is my lucky day!"
I hope she still feels that way when it's over!

Jackie Collins said...

Sooooooooooo........what's not love?!!! I have no problemloving them as kitties or any other imaginary being they choose......many hugs and much love to all of you in the "soggy" state from the frozen one...Noodle