Sunday, November 9

in my home...

::Tessa is really enjoying chatting in the forums on Etsy and has now come up with a new product to offer her customers. At first in her crocheting journey she made kitty collars....well, she has had the comment of how people would like to wear them too so she now has human collars.
What a cute idea..we see many crocheted scarves and such; why not a human collar?
Great idea Tes!

::I love how inhibited children can be of they are raised being able to try new things and make mistakes...which is how I try to raise my kids.
Last week I decided I needed to declutter some of the fabrics in one of my big totes to make more leg room under my sewing area. I gave each of my girls the chance to shop for 4 fabric pieces each before the rest goes to the give away area at the library.
Hannah chose her 4 and within a day decided to make a pair of pants. "What?!" I thought to myself...pants. Here we go...not the easiest first piece of clothing to start with.

Hannah proceeded to lay out a pair of pants on her fabric and found out that the fabric she chose had only enough room to be one side of the pants. She found another fabric that matched and cut out the other side. She then decided that they really needed to have pockets and to make the sides match each other she used one fabric on the other side for pockets.

She even cut out one of the flowers and two butterflies to appliqué on. (Mama ended up appliquéing them on but she has already started putting on the pockets.)

She can't decide if she is going to sell these or keep them for herself.

The argument in her head is as follows:
*These are my first pair of pants I have made.
*I really need $30 for the Littlest Pet Shop Planner.

Oh, the arguments we have in our heads.

I will keep updating this blog with her progress on her first pair of pants... without a pattern.
While we are on the subject of patterns; I am feeling itchy to make my Giddy-Up skirts and messenger bags into patterns for sale and just dont know where to start --to get nice envelopes and pictures/graphics with the instructions.
Any resources anyone?

Have a GREAT day!

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I have seen it on others blogs and thought *how neat, she can see who reads her blog*.
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cyndyava said...

Oh....Can I please come over and sew with your girls. I bought a new machine and it's sitting under my table because I'm too intimidated to use it. I haven't sewn in over ten years. But when I see what your girls are's so inspiring. Thanks for sharing their adventures and courage in creating. I need that. Keep us updated on those pants. They are just toooooo cool!

lissilulu said...

Cindy...two words for you. :o)


I know it sounds like I am making fun, but i'm not. Take the machine out put some fabric in it and sew a bit and move the knobs for width and length. See which you like best.

Take two pieces of fabric you like, cut them the same size, face the right side together and sew around the edges (keeping about 3 inches not sewn), turn and stuff.

Start can do it!
Your friend,