Wednesday, November 5

baby love...

Baby love....of the furry variety that is. We love all kinds of babies but at the moment we have the furry variety at our house.
Meet know the little guy who plays the miniature grand piano off of Charlie Brown comics. He belongs to Aliss now. Aliss has been a kitty mama three times in her 14 years but has lost all three boys. Two to illness that are prevalent in kitty worlds and one to someone thinking they liked him more than the owner did and taking him.
Schroder is a mixture of all three kitties she grieves. He has extra toes like Pumpkin, face shape like Princie and talks like Wilbur. He is snuggled and cuddled so much and even ahem...put in a baby carrier.

Meet Joseph (Jo-Jo), he's about 6 months old, the neighbors rescued him from the WalMart parking lot a few months ago. Right about the same time Dukey went missing. Well the other night the husband part of the neighbors came over and asked if I would like him and proceeded to set him in Sophie's arms and announced "here's a present for you". Her eyes lit up soooo big...whats a mama to do for the heart of her child.

Suffice to say-Sophie is a mama again.
baby being snuggled

baby saying shhhh
two babies being ferocious....wouldn't you be terrified to meet them in a dark alley? :o)
Have a wonderful day!

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