Friday, October 31

Ebay Nierecovery Auction...

I am excited to say that I have an auction set up over on Ebay in conjunction with a lovely group of gals to benefit the NieNie family. I am glad to be included in this event to help out this wonderful family. If you want to see all that is being auctioned for this benefit type into Ebays' search box the word "Nierecovery".size 3T front


For the past several months Nie's dear sister has been keeping people updated to the progress of this cherished couple. It seems that Christian is out of the hospital and is starting some therapy while Stephanie is coming out of her medical induced coma. This sweet, strong couple has a rough road in front of them, but the good thing is they are surrounded by people who are supportive and will hold them up.

Hoping your weekend is great!

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Kelly Hogaboom said...

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