Tuesday, November 11

November dinner menu

Recently I had a discussion with the kids about food vs. Christmas presents.

It went something like this-
me-"kids if you don't stop eating just because you are bored or taking more food than what you need and wasting the rest there won't be much Christmas this year".
-"okay Mom".
Short conversation huh? I told them that if we can keep the grocery bill to around $600 for the month then I will have Christmas money. If we can't then I don't have any leftover money to buy presents.
Pretty simple.

So I set about getting a dinner menu up to
buy what I need and not a bunch of stuff that doesn't make much more than a snack. It feels really good to know what I am making at the end of the day.
I may even do like Laine does and make part of the dinner meal earlier on in the day, or even better; have one of the kids morning chores be to make part of dinner. that wouldn't really be a chore for my kids though. they would love it.

Dinner Menu til the end of November::
tue/11-salmon and salad
wed/12-hamburger-veggie soup and cheesy biscuits
thur/13-sub sandwiches
Fri/14-homemade pizza
sat/15-roast chicken, carrots, potatoes--maybe gravy
sun/16- leftovers (just me here)

mon/17-red snapper, pasta Alfredo
tue/18-chicken enchilada
wed/19-Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn
fri/21-oven fried chicken, homemade mac n' cheese
sat/22-beef stew (kinda like an Irish stew)
sun/23-hamburgers, oven fries
mon/24-cheesy corn chowder, cheesy bread sticks
tue/25-beef enchiladas
wed/26-sloppy lasagna
fri/28-chicken or turkey pot pie casserole
taco soup with cheese and corn chips

I went shopping today for most of the ingredients I needed. Some of it was laready around here like whole chickens that were on sale last month.
I did go over my budget by about $40. I think that was because I bought a few things that I knew would save me money next month because they were on sale now and I know we would be eating it. Like, salad dressing from Kraft that tastes like Catalina but has big chunks of bacon in it at the Grocery Outlet for $1.59 a bottle. I grabbed 4. Also this month is a bit more because of things like pumpkin pie, etc.

Overall, I am quite happy with having everything I need; barring one of the kids doesnt eat it before it is that night. But thats a whole nother blog post right?

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cyndyava said...

Oh, yes. We are all on the same page here. Believe it or not, I was spending almost that much per month and it's just my daughter and me. And yes, I have recently reevaluated how I shop. The price of groceries here is ridiculously high. I've started to do a little bit of meal planning as I shop. This week, so far...we have stayed withing the budget of $80/week for the two of us. All meals included.
I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the inspiration.