Tuesday, November 18


Amanda has been sharing about the observance of being still in her families lives over at her blog this past week or so.

I love this...

Life is so crazy with children needing to go here and there and appointments to keep them well and have good teeth or visits with friends let alone all of my own obligations outside of these walls.
I have been creating what I have started to call *pockets of still* in our lives here. With our family dynamics being one mama divided between 5 children the still is even wonderful being in pocket moments.

Each night I read aloud to whichever child has their turn sleeping with me.
I leave the radio off in the van when I take Tes to work to leave the chance for conversation.
I give myself moments of still by sitting in my fat chair by the woodstove and reading or sometimes just sitting and watching my children doing what they are doing around the house.
these moments wont be brought back and I am realizing this more and more each day...outside things wont go away but my children will grow which makes me guard what time I have with them more and more and to really celebrate who they are in the process.

Right now Tessa is sleeping upstairs after having been on sleepy pills for 2 teeth to be pulled today. Aliss is in her room reading with a cup of chamomile and honey tea for her achy body and sore throat.
Hannah and Sophie are laying on the couches in the livingroom watching a movie and Zack is getting ready for bed early.

a little still...

We all are sicky tonight...something just got us quick. On my way home from college I grabbed a box of chamomile tea and some local honey to help us toward wellness and plan on taking the next day puttering around the house, loving on my sick kids and finishing up those last Giddy-Up skirt orders.

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