Wednesday, November 26


I have so many things to be thankful for but I am going to list a few that outweigh the others.

*my children...I know, I know, many moms say "my children". What makes mine stand out? Well, let me answer that; my kids have faced much adversity this past two - three years (divorce and many chiropractic and physical therapy appointments in the same time-frame as the divorce) and aren't depressed and angry. Yes, I know that many kids face divorce and I am in no way trying to downplay babies went from a two parent homeschooling-mom- at- home- all- day family to a solo mama trying to hang onto homeschooling-going to college and making every dollar count.

*My God...because of all of the above stuff He has been able to help me to see Him more clearly in so many, many ways. We wouldn't be the same without His constant care.

*My extended family and friends...some offer a shoulder, some offer money when I don't even let them know there is a need. All of them love us in different ways.

This Thanksgiving all of my children will be with me. This is something that I took for granted in the past...not anymore. I am so thankful it's my year to have them and will so enjoy seeing them sitting at our family table for our Thanksgiving Meal. Being able to tell them before the meal how very thankful that God gave them in particular to me and how thankful I am that each one of them made me a Mama.

Okay, enough gushing? Yes.

Our Menu--
turkey with stuffing
ham cut crisscross (like my mama taught me) with brown sugar and pineapple topping
wheat rolls
fresh green beans (snapped by Soph and Han) sauteed in butter and garlic
mashed potatoes
black olives
deviled eggs ( full dozen because these guys are chow hounds when it comes to deviled eggs)
scalloped corn casserole (originally from my Dad's family-he gave me the recipe...mmmm)

fresh fruit salad-made by Sophie
pumpkin pie-Hannah's first pie to make
pumpkin cheesecake-made by Tessa
banana cream pie-made by Aliss with my mom's recipe

We will be eating as a family then taking a plate to a man from our church and then on to one of my closest friends for dessert.

Hoping you are surrounded by those you love and yummy food!


cyndyava said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear, sweet, family. I know how it is to feel appreciative of those things that a mom could normally take for granted. It's just me and my little girl, and it's been that way for two years now. She has been through a lot as it was not an "easy" separation and there are still many challenges. I thank God for giving us both the strength and each other to get through it all. Your words about your children and how God gave them, in particular, to you- touched me. Thank you for sharing. They are all worth gushing over!
Blessings to you and yours tomorrow.

The Milkshake said...

Happy thanksgiving mommy!

-Tessa :D