Tuesday, April 14

Luna Island

We enjoyed some time at the beach today. The kids ran up and down the waters edge finding all kinds of treasures, yelling back and forth to each other, petting other's dogs that were there for the same reason as we. This beach is only 5 minutes from our house. There is a bird sanctuary real close to it and a small airport too. It doesn't have all of the sand as the large beach that is abou 25 minutes away but has other stuff that is interesting. Cement pilings, old tires, lots of cool trees that have washed up (we are in the pacific northwest afterall) to climb on too.

So you see the little buds on the pussy willows? Oh, I can just feel spring in the air!

It was difficult to lay down all of the things we needed to do around here today while the sun was out. There's always so much to do.

"Come on Mama, let's go to the beach" said by the children.
"Okay, babies" said by the Mama.

So good for the kids to scramble along the waters shore and enjoy the fresh air.
along the road there is different cement things that the city has put there as a barrier I suppose; I was delighted to see that someone had dumped a pile of brick. We want to put in a brick windy sort of path to our back deck soon. I am thinking a call to the city will be written down in my planner about some brick perhaps.


Anonymous said...

What a good mama. Every time I see a post like this it makes me crave the drive west.


P.S. Welcome to the land of 39!

Cheryl said...

great pictures!

Heliotrope Tree House said...

What lovely photos. I think a visit to the beach is needed over here, too. And Happy Birthday, by the way! Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a delicious breakfast! Blessings to you for the upcoming year.

Melissa said...

great pictures of your trip to the beach! looks like fun. and a belated happy birthday to you- you are a wonderful mama!