Monday, April 6

pancakes + Grandma

When I was a little girl on through around age 14 I went and spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house. As we all know everything is better at Grandma's house. Snugglier bed, more fun and so much individual attention.

One thing Grandma made was sourdough pancakes. She made them in silver dollar size and also in my initial. I felt so special getting an "L" pancake. Grampa and I would also sit and watch t.v. on the couch; just he and I and Grandma would bring us little glass bowls with cold shrimp and cocktail sauce. Talk about feeling like a princess.

So many memories. I try to recreate this special stuff for my kids when life allows. Since Mom bought this great griddle for us we sure have enjoyed more pancakes.

Hannah and Sophie's eyes sure lit up when they saw their personalized worth the extra second it takes to pour an initial.

Grandmas were still better. :o)


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Tessa said...

Mmmmmmm ♥ ♥ ♥