Monday, April 20

Earth Day

For the past three years we have had a clean up day with my kids and neighborhood kids. It didn't fall on Earth Day but this year I got my act together to make it coincide...and sunshine helped too!

It has been pretty simple:
1. holler for all of the kids
2. hand out grocery sized bags to kids
3. tell kids what a great job they are doing
4. pick up trash with kids
5. give popsicles to kids
6. remind kids where popsicle wrappers go so we don't have to get right back out there for clean up again so soon.

The clean-up gang with their reward..these kids had the best attitude.
The fruit of our hands--A clean street

Give a hoot!--Don't Pollute!
We miss you Woodsy the Owl.


randi said...

Great idea! I was just noticing that the street we drive on to get to our house is strewn with junk. We need to get out and just clean it up. There is no need for it to look so bad all the time!

lissilulu said...

It adds up fast with more and more people tossing it out and the wind catching it huh?
It didn't take long to clean it up, I think the biggest factor is having a good attitude while doing it. It makes it go faster. And popsicles helped! :o)