Sunday, April 12

Weekend + Easter

Over Spring Break I had high expectations to get some projects around the house done and also get some r&r time too. I don't feel like it happened then, so this weekend was such a joy because both of those things happened. I feel like I really had a weekend. I got a project done with the wheelbarrow garden and had some Easter R&R.

The wheelbarrow garden got a thorough weeding, rabbit poo compost adding and planting of new flowers to it. Tessa asked me what I would like for my birthday and I told her flowers to brighten up the wheelbarrow garden. The garden is right outside the entrance to the back porch that we come and go from. It is a great place to have cheery flowers.
It looks a little sparse right now because the plants need to grow in, but I am already cheered when seeing it. The plants in the middle and front are all from Tessa, the little seedlings in the far back left corner are Sophie's and the front side corners are some lemon verbena that looked a little tired in the church landscaping that we take care of as a family, so I brought it home for some tlc. It should perk up by this summer and smell wonderful by our back door.
The kids's Bompa (Grampa) brought them 5 dozen eggs for coloring. Way to go Bompa!
More fun was had in filling plastic eggs for 5 children. Lots of yummy candies at the Dollar Tree also made it affordable.

We have a system that each child gets a color and the green are a free for all. Even Tessa still finds eggs....we know no age limits here at our house.
Hope your weekend was a very pleasant one!


Tessa said...

Mmmmmmmm I am eating some of that chocolate now ;)

Jackie Collins said...

We had snow and melting snow and mud and then frozen med and THEN...NEW snow and even a few moments of "styrofoam ball" looking it all for the weekend....glad you had such a great time. I think maybe I should stop off and get some seeds to get started ....hmmmm