Thursday, April 2

Week of Spring:: cooking

Like many others, we cook when we are stuck inside because of weather. Sophie's Grandma Cindy has ordered her a Highlight's Magazine subscription for the past two years and one of Sophie's favorite features is the recipes.

I love it when things are written in kid language. I love to see kids empowered to cook, craft and do other life skills. Their faces shine.
They turned out yummy. And she was so proud of was/is her Mama. Life isn't what it used to be at all. I used to be able to spend all day at home with my children cooking, schooling, life learning and thoroughly enjoying it. Now life has pulled me in so many directions, but one thing that hasn't changed is letting my kids be in the kitchen and cook. That's so very important to me. Plus, I always get to sample yummy foods served to me with a big smile.
This is the life...

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Heliotrope Tree House said...

Yes, it's the life, for sure. I can not wait until my girl can make things for me in the kitchen. I just hope I can give up control of that domain so that she gets a chance to experiment...and then there's the mess...You have inpired me to let her play when the time arrives. Thanks for that. Whenever your kids make something, it looks delicious. I look forward to the posts about their kitchen creations. Hugs to you!