Thursday, April 16

keeping house

I love moments when I am reminded of pleasant childhood bullies or skinned knees but of my grand imagination of days to come. I remember one house we lived in when I was young that my sister Wendy and I made a house in the back yard and cooked.

In reality it was a sheet or two draped over a line and secured at the bottom with big rocks. The food was blackberries smooshed til just the right consistency and heaped and stirred and heaped again with sugar. We were making jam, you know?

Oh those little girl dreams of our own homes and children...even children of the furry variety.

Do you remember playing house...did you have a child or two, three, four, five.... ? :o)


Heliotrope Tree House said...

Oh, yes...I loved to play house. Funny, I always had one child when I played...and that is exactly what I have today!
Love the cat bed. So cute!!!

Tessa said...

I loved to make tent houses with many rooms!
Aliss, Hannah and Sophie would be my kids :)

Such fun times :D