Wednesday, April 1

Week of Spring:: a child's view

I don't have any photos of this week that would remind Spring what to do, all we have had is rain and cold winds. So, I thought I would look around for some recent enough ones.

I remember as a child walking along with my sister and watching our shadows. There was something magical to watching shadows as a child. Whose would be longer, what does a road curb do to the shadow kind of stuff. I guess we as adults now play with silhouettes for shadow play. Just as soon as that sun shows back up I am going to make some fun shadows with my kids.

Tessa, Sophie and Hannah were out on a walk when they shadow played. I really like this photo.

The days are sure longer here. Everywhere you can feel the change of weather is coming and then the rain and cold wind are back. I think that is what frustrates people the most at this point; the promise of a nice day and then the return of winter weather.

Sophie knew what to do even when she couldn't go out yet: find a place by a window. So dark inside with the firewood and warm looking outside.

we had hamburger vegetable soup a couple of days ago. I wonder what type now. Maybe cheesy, potato/corn chowder with ham. that sounds good.

What are you doing to keep your chin up til the warm weather is here to stay?

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randi said...

The weather keeps tricking us too-- a few warm days and then snow! We sure are enjoying the sun staying up later. It feels nice to have more daylight hours, for sure!