Monday, April 13

birthday jealousy

I turned 39 this past week...and I am okay with that. No hiding my age for this girl. My kids spoil me...well, we spoil whoever's birthday it is just because we can. It feels just as good for us to be on the giving end as it is to be on the receiving end. If you have been reading my blog for long you already know the breakfast in bed is a tradition at our house....along with presents.

Each of the kids made something on the tray. I was seriously stuffed! It was all delicious...ham and cheese omelet by Tessa, orange juice by Zack, fruit smoothie topped with hand whipped whip cream by Sophie, homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries and hand whipped whip cream by Hannah and bagels with cream cheese and jam by Aliss.

There was a bit of the green eyed monster at my present unwrapping though. Tessa's baby Milkshake just had to have the limelight...Look at her trying to overtake my beautiful hand made frame and photo from Hannah.
i LOVE it!

There's Milkshake again trying to peek in my presents before I could get em out of the bag.
Just a bit angry don't ya think? She was a riot!
I am one spoiled Mama...that's for sure.

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