Tuesday, December 23

I am feeling especially blessed as I sit here. Lately it seems that things have been going wrong but instead of me putting all of my emotional energy into worrying about them I have given them to God and went on with the things I can do.
My van got a puncture that couldn't be fixed in a tire and neighbor came over and removed it for me and even went with his wife and found the best deal (which happened to be $50 cheaper than I was quoted), he then put the tire on.
Another neighbor that I have known since he was about 7 (20 years ago) came over and put the serpentine belt back on the van and then jump started it too.

The kids and I could then go to the Dollar Tree for them to be able to shop for each other and a gift to take to their Dad's to give him for Christmas.

After the kids left for the night to their Dad's there was visitors from church at the door with a very large basket filled with all kinds of savory things like summer sausage and martinellis...also an anonymous card from someone that paid on my electric bill and a gift card for groceries .

oh my gosh.... I dont know what to say.

well, it keeps going....I was on Etsy shopping for embroidery floss for my girls creations and heard another knock at the door...by the time I got there and asked who it was they were gone. I imagine they were running through the snow so they could be anonymous....pork sausage from a local sausage place, candelabra chandelier with mulberry scented candles, assorted salt water taffies, candies, money for the kids.....so much to list.

I am truly blessed. I have spent years giving to others before the divorce...now things are tighter but I still give things like soup to the neighbors, skirts to little girls and other things I can sew. Giving comes in so many forms. I am still learning to accept gifts though.... in a way that the giver truly knows how thankful I am without me over-gushing (is that a word? lol) and them feeling uncomfortable.

I am wishing you all a very blessed Christmas that reaches past all of the gifts and settles on the loved ones (and strangers) who cross your path. That you have so many chances to be shown kindness and encouragement and also many chances to give it...even a smile can brighten someones day.

I am taking a short blog break to spend time with my kiddos and soak in this season with them. I will be back after the first of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Lori xo

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