Tuesday, January 6

Hello, i hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Life was busy but good here at my house. We spent some time doing some shopping (quite a bit of time is needed to keep food in the kitchen for the kids-i think they are all growing again).

watched silly kitties in what they think are their new condos
spent some time watching the neighborhood birds in the snow and then after the snow...we had some Oregon juncos, robins, starlings and chickadees..and of course always seagulls. lol
we got to be personal shoppers for my mom and stepdad for a special friend who lives local to us and deliver Christmas presents to him.
and just hang out with each other (i stole the giddy-up shirt and skirt set out of my shop for Sophie for Christmas--she loves it!) Hannah just had to have Sophie squeeze in the space shuttle with her..
i am back to college today and am really looking forward to the consistency of this new schedule in regards to how the day will run with the kids at home and Tessa's job. today was the first day and it went pretty smooth all around. We got a new stove today too since our old one bit the dust...we can actually see in the window to the oven and the light works too. oh joy!...

hoping your new year has brought with it all kinds of reasons to be thankful!
Lori xo

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Anonymous said...

I start school on the 12th! Hayden is in Running Start and began classes today. What job does Tess have?

Glad you are all doing well. :o)
Love you,