Wednesday, December 17

Where there's a will, there's a way...

On Monday we were able to drive on the roads around here...bunch of snow scaredy cats that we are in this area. We will get out and drive in almost monsoon weather but a bit of slippery stuff and we stay home.

I told the kids that I had thought of a city park that had a slope to it that we could sled on (the kids log rolled down it in the grass this summer). I just took it for granted that there would actually be snow when we got there.

We loaded up the sleds (after duct taping them), hot cocoa and a couple neighbor kids and we were off.
Only thing is when we got there the slope was bare...all the snow was in the play-park area. So we imported it....we all grabbed our sleds and made our own slopes. ha! There was us and another neighbor family and some strangers and we all worked together to be able to play.

Zack did some red-neck snowboarding on the red plastic toboggan....he got pretty good by the end of the day too.
And more hot cocoa all the way around! It was fun!
Lori xo

disclaimer: when you add cinnamon to a pumper thermos the cinnamon sinks into a slippery mass in the bottom--my condolences to the person who gets that in the bottom of their cup. glad it wasn't me...phew


The Milkshake said...

That was munces of fun mom! :D


The Milkshake said...

Oops I meant bunches! LOL


randi said...

How industrious that you built your own sled run! Glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

What a good time! Come over here, we got 36" in the past 2 days!!! We haven't been able to drive out to a sled hill. Plus we need new sleds, too. :o)