Sunday, December 7


One of our Christmas traditions started about 7 years ago. We have a snowflake party.
I have all of the kids go upstairs while I get the room, fun!
I string white and colored lights all over the ceiling back and forth and every which way...looks like a Paris bistro at night. LOL

After hanging the lights and while the kids are still upstairs I put on some Christmas music.. the one we use most has the friendly beast song on it. I LOVE that song.
Onto the table goes stacks of white paper and scissors...all kinds of scissors.

Into the kitchen now (kids are still upstairs) to make some cups of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. Onto a pretty tray lined with pretty festive napkins goes all 6 cups of cocoa (one for me too), some of the cookies we have made through the season and other yummies.
I leave the tray in the kitchen and turn off the regular lights in the diningroom and call my babies down into a winter wonderland of a room that is all twinkly with music. Once they get their seats I bring in *the goodie tray*.

After the snowflakes are cut we decorate the same picture window in the living room that we decorate every year. We hardly get snow where we live so this is our snow.
At the end of winter season each year I take one snowflake of each child's and tape a colored paper behind it to show it off and put it in a folder to remember...for me and for them. :o)

We love this tradition so much..and it is something special made out of very meager anyone can do it on any budget. :o)

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