Wednesday, December 10

Advent Chain:: Re-Cycled Christmas Cards...

Each year we make an Advent Chain; the idea comes from the chains we used to make back in the day at Elementary School. Some habits never die eh?
I don't know the proper date that most people start their Advent Calendars, I am guessing it is December 1st. We usually start around the second week of December because that is when I least I do remember. That is the upside of things. LOL!

Anyway, I sit down with the kids and we decide the activities we want to do and I write them on a piece of paper and cut it into five pieces for the kids to write different days on the chain pieces. We then staple them together and Advent Chain. I am thinking voila is becoming a part of my vocabulary lately.
Our first activity was to make Christmas Cards. In the past couple of years we have been re-using some of the fronts of our cards. Sophie and Hannah started out by making a list for people they want to give them to. I love children's writing .First the fronts of the cards were cut off and glued to the front of a folded piece of paper. This year and last we used papers that were printed on for 2005 and covered that up.

Glue and pat generously...Soooo cute!
When we ran out of fronts of Christmas Cards to recycle we switched to something else....thumbprint Christmas Trees.All in all the girls had a lot of fun because we all know anything that can be glued and painted brings out the joy in us all. :o)

I am going to try and post our Advent Chain activities just in case you are looking for some new traditions for your families.
Lori xo

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