Saturday, December 13

Handmade Christmas Tags...

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a bit of time to wrap presents without little eyes around peeking from other rooms. Hearing the rustling of the paper and thinking of all the excitement that will come on Christmas morning in our livingroom had me lingering on the tags a bit longer. Usually I cut a square out of wrapping paper and fold it in half for the tag. this year was a whole bunch more fun!
Christmas StarChristmas Bell
Christmas Love
Christmas Tree
Christmas Ornament

We got a bit behind on our Advent Chain activities and will be having a baking time here this weekend. Looks like we will be making gingerbread cookies, chocolate dunked and sprinkled pretzel logs and salt dough ornaments.
Should be major chaos and lots of fun!
Lori xo


Jackie Collins said...

Hey nice touches and I like the new "flickr" that you added. It grabbed my attention while I was looking at your post.......nice!!!!Have a lovely chaos there in the kitchen. It is -14 here this morning and today is Gingerbread man and woman creating day along with the leftover sugar cookie dough from yesterday. Love ya. May your sugar highs not exceed the ceilings they live under...Mom (Noodle)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for liking my flickr Mom.
My Tessa did that for me...I have no computer skills.
Now I just need to get more photos on there. :o)

We havent started the cooking chaos yet because we have.....snow!
Busy making hot cocoa and doing the door patrol to make sure the heat stays in.
Love you!