Monday, December 15

Cocoa-y Goodness...

We get snow about twice a year for day. Well, not this time. We have had snow for two whole days! I thought is would be fun to make cocoa for my kids and all of the neighborhood kids too.
canning jars worked great for a big group like that...

it was a hit, and a hit again the second time and third time I have stepped out on the front porch and yelled "H-O-T C-O-C-O-A!" the last two days.secret ingredients::vanilla flavored coffee syrup and cinnamon....sprinkles dont hurt either. :o)

Lori xo

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Anonymous said...

I did the same thing today... 14 children! LOL We use coconut creamer. Next time I'll have to remember the sprinkles, they add a nice touch. :o)