Saturday, December 6

Tree trimming...

We had a fun time decorating the tree yesterday. The kids were such troopers because I brought the tree home (ever seen a woman shoving a Christmas Tree in her van?) last Monday and we didn't have time to decorate it until this weekend.
When I was a little girl living with my mom I remember us making a Star Tree-topper out of a toilet paper tube, cardboard and tin foil. The children and I prefer to have a copy of that same star...I guess it is just the simplicity of it. Jesus was born in a meager setting and I guess the star reminds me of that in a way apart from the rest of the tree being all sparkly.This past weekend I was also working on this new idea for my shop. I have had some leather that i stashed for quite some time because I just knew there was something specific I wanted to make out of it.
I had a lot of fun sorting through my Candy Colored scraps left over from Giddy Up skirts for the stripes on the cases.
These are in my shop and a new bag that I had cut out a long time ago and stayed up wayyyy too late sewing will be added in the next couple of days. What a treasure to find an already cut out bag. :o)

Tessa, Aliss and I went to the Grand Opening Reception for the Harbor Art Guild tonight. I have already sold some things and even Sophie and Hannah have sold one each of there purses. I am so happy for them.

I will share photos that Tessa took of my display there very soon.
Lori xo


cyndyava said...

Beautiful tree. We trimmed ours yesterday, too. Like you, I've been too busy to trim it and my daughter had been asking every day. I'm happy and satisfied it is finally done. The star sounds perfect. I have kept my artificial "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree to remind me of the same...Jesus' birth and his humble surroundings. We turn it on in the evening and it just warms up the house. Oh, and I love the bags. I am in awe of your talent. You always come up with something so original and stylish, with your own lovely flair. I have just begun to sew on the new machine I bought myself. I'm starting with sachets, nice and easy. Having trouble understanding the tension settings, etc. Any suggestions? There must be a place online that explains it in more detail than my manual!

lissilulu said...

Cyndyava, so glad to hear you got your tree trimmed out too. :o)

About the machine settings...I think the easiest way to go about tension is to have the length and the width the same tension. I keep mine smack dab in the middle too...for instance there is a range between 1-5 on my older machine and I keep both tensions on 3. Hope that helps.
Good for you on getting started on the sewing!

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

Cute bags, I think handmade gifts are always the best. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.