Thursday, December 4

making labels...

I am so glad that I finally went to the stamp shop and ordered a stamp. I have used my stamp so much and it has enhanced my home business so much. I bought a bottle of permanent ink and a stamp pad to go with it as I have to wet the inkpad each session that I stamp.

getting started with some spools of grosgrain ribbon, I had to have a rainbow assortment of colors because of the variety of color in the things I make.

I know that I must have squealed when these were done because all of the kids ended up at the table to see what I was so excited about. I still go over the moon when I see my label on something I made. I took everything out of my totes and *labeled* them.

The Holiday Bazaar didn't go so well in the terms of sales....guess all of us college students are pretty much the same off financially. LOL
It was so nice to introduce Tessa to some of my classmates and show them what I do for a living.
I always like hanging out with my girls at craft fairs.

I will be adding some of the Gadget Cases and Zip Purses to my shop in the next couple of days and some other goodies. Tomorrow I get to go see where my things will be at the Harbor Art Guild and set up my display. How exciting!

Off to decorate the Christmas Tree with the kids. :o)
Lori xo

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kim in mi said...

Those are really cute little labels, I can see why you squealed with delight! :)