Monday, December 8

Easy Tree Skirt Tutorial...

After years of laying a blanket or quilt just right under my tree I finally did it!...I made my own tree skirt. It was just as easy as I thought it would be because...I cheated.
Yep, I did and you can too. :o)

Here ya go::
1. buy a circle table cloth on sale (on sale is the key thing that makes it so much fun and satisfying)
2. measure half way across the table cloth to the center and cut from one side to the center.
3. cut a small circle (I cut mine about 6 inches across) in the center of the tablecloth at the end of the cut you just made.
4. zig zag along the seam you just cut
5. turn under zigzagged edge up the straight edges toward the center and around the middle circle
6. straight stitch what you just turned under...

Voila! a tree skirt.

~p.s. you could add velcro along the straight seams to keep em closed or ribbon to tie together but we don't see the bottom of the back of the tree here and I don't really I didn't.

I didn't embellish the main part of mine because it is covered with presents BUT at the end of the season I may remember to do a trim around the outside edge with green plaid in a ruffle or something.

I have wanted to make a skirt for some time now and was happy when Grocery Outlet had these table cloths on sale for $4.99 each.
back of bottom of tree = ugly but you can see the hem along the new opening leading to the center circle.... :o)

If you use this tutorial for an Easy Tree Skirt leave a comment with a link. I would LOVE to see it.

Lori xo

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