Tuesday, October 14


The other night we had a hankering for a float but I wanted something fruity and not rootbeer-y. So we got fufu berry by the Jones company...more expensive but a better choice in my books for pop.
anyway...It was delicious..
Tillamook ice cream doesnt have a bunch of those fillers that keep ice cream at a semi solid state so it was real close to a brick when we got it home. Hannah figured if she held it over the wood stove it would be a big help. LOL!

All of the girls have taken to cutting out felt leaves and embroidering them. It was really cute last night. I came upstairs and it was waaaaaay past time for Sophie to be in bed but I found her sitting on Tessa's bed with the music on and I started making mama bear growly type of noises about how kids are never in bed when they are supposed to be anymore.

Tessa followed me in my room and explained to me how Sophie came in her room asking her a question about what she was doing and got confused in a way that she thought Tessa invited her for a personal embroidering time. Sophie went running into my room for a hunt through my felt stash and came back with all the needed supplies so how could Tes resist? I wouldn't have had the heart to break it to her either so, they sewed.

Sisters sewing into the night.

What a memory.


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Randi said...

What a cute story! And the thought of a float is great. Yum!

Anonymous said...

How sweet. :o)

What a great idea for a fruity float!!! We choose Jones and Tillamook whenever we can, too.