Tuesday, October 21


**Update-I came back to reread this post because I wrote it while incredibly sleepy last night and found that it sounds grouchy. It is amazing how a person could say something and then write it but without the tone of voice could sound grumpy. So read this in a non grumpy tone of voice and then it will sound right. :o)

For a couple of days Zack, Hannah and Sophie made towers out of the videos. I guess that now would be a prime time to sort through them before returning them to the already busting at the seams video cupboard. We don't have cable t.v. so we tend to have more videos...which now have multiplied too much. Perfect time for a declutter.

Things have been chaos, to say it nicely around here. My mind has been so many places and so has my body. Many school classes at the college, doctors appointments for the kids and I, correspondence with the new lawyer, while making sure everyone has food in their tummy and and clothes to wear. Things could get a bit more chaotic if there weren't clothes to wear huh? :o)

The kids saw this beauty at the end of the street about 3 blocks down. I guess when it is deer season then the deer find shelter within the city limits away from the hills with the hunters.

Today the weather could not make up it's mind. I left the house able to see my breathe and came home later to being able to have the van windows down to cool it off in the van.

I had to get appointments with the kids pediatrician to confirm that they need physical therapy for the lawyers. Tessa and Sophie went to their appointment today. Well, Sophie has been crying and not wanting to go to physical therapy. Her pediatrician told her that it is very important to go there. I can imagine how tired she is of all of this-I am an adult and am tired enough of it myself.

When she left the doctors she got a sugar free lollipop so I thought I would stop at the Dollar Tree and get a prize bucket for her and Hannah as incentive to get through this mess.
We got a cute purple bucket and filled it with things like pens that can change colors, tinkerbell playing cards, loofahs, necklaces, etc. When they come home from Physical therapy they get a goody.

Hopefully having a good sorting through a prize bucket will lessen the disgustedness that they are feeling. Hey! I need a prize bucket too, right? :o)

See you soon!

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